Friday, March 21, 2014

The Working Class Legend

I can’t believe how easily I felt satisfied and warmth. It’s gotten to the point where I’m amazed by ability for it. Here’s 3 tales of people just getting started, in the middle of perfecting it, and one at the end of it.

A colleague just became daddy. He looked like 25. He’s 27. 3 loyal years working with at the yard. The unknown into the future, the excitement. All blended into his face as he tightened his grip on his chair. We talked about work, about salaries, about marriages. So much responsibilities.

And then I looked at the middle one. The other day his daughter called out to him, “Dad!” “Dad!”. She was no older than 3. Could barely speak. But the look of hers at her dad, doesn’t even know what she wants, perhaps attention. Right there, her whole world. And then her dad looked at her, smiled, and brushed her head. Off she goes again with her 100 plus.

I saw old pictures of him in his younger days. The boyish look, with his friends in a place far away from home, like soldiers in a foreign land. It was simpler days. The discipline and hardwork had started to pay off. He has a beautiful family and a satisfying job. The only thing he might want more is time with his family. Everytime I look into his eyes I could see his pride in what he has achieved in his life, at the same time the old blue grit that never left. I’m always in awe.

And then there’s the living legend. The working class legend. The old school capitalism, American dream blueprint. This is someone who has done it the right way, all those years, he remained the same person he was, albeit a bit less temper. He just has that comfort level about life, and you’d wonder what keeps him going, after everything he’s seen and been through, or in another context, what else is he looking for?
As for me? I’m still worrying about what I’m gonna eat for dinner tomorrow.

Life could be tough sometimes, but there are inspirations everywhere. Not the Buffets, Steve Jobs and Napoleon Hills, but working class heroes around us.

Keep walking. 

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