Monday, February 03, 2014

Growin’ Up

Didn’t I tell you 2014 was gonna be better?

The Giants sacked Gilbride!

Rick Nash is red hot for the Rangers after being named to Canada’s winter Olympics team. And the Blueshirts swept the Islanders in the Yankee Stadium.

Carmelo Anthony scored 62 points in 3 quarters 4 minutes and 38 seconds on the floor. Career high, Garden record, Knicks franchise record.  JR seemed right again, Knicks are knocking down open shots and winning.

A close friend, childhood probably, yes, got proposed to and said yes, gonna get married this year.

I know, it’s not like it’s been a BOOM!, or there’s nothing awful, it’s just that they don’t come in a bunch anymore. You know? Like how Manning and the Broncos started the Super Bowl this year? Safety, pick six, no defense? And there’s some kind of breeze, a new breeze around, a new energy field of sort.

The marriage. She isn’t the first of my peers to get married, but I was very close with her back then, and the news is an absolute splash. I still can’t see her as a 25-years-old adult. It’s just weird to know that she’s getting married, but then it makes perfect sense when you consider she’s already 25. And of course she’s so happy about it that one can’t help but to feel happy for her too. I probably won’t get an invitation but I definitely got a huge shockwave over this. Somewhere down this year, I should start to expect a couple of invitations right?

I bought a couple of work jackets for my old man. Turns out, his size is the same as mine. I mean, the days of him wearing at least one size larger than mine is officially over. My first thought was that he shrinked? And then I realized I just grew up.

Up to this point, I should have finished these parts before I came home, but I was too drunk that night.
The plane ride, was nice. I missed being in an airplane. I love the tedious procedures of going through customs and checkpoints and boardings. I missed the travelling times. I’ve been idle for too long I guess.
Suddenly, I’m 25. Suddenly it’s February. My contract has 3 months left, I’m a lame duck. I oughtta start looking. I oughtta decide what I wanna do.

I did something today, something I don’t know whether I should do it or not, but I just felt the need to do it. Let’s see how it rings over the next couple of days.

Samuel Johnson’s right, shouldn’t be thinking about what would it become, instead focus on what it is. I wanna read, I wanna learn French, I wanna write, I wanna go places, I wanna do more, I wanna live somewhere else; it’s just doesn’t seem fit right now.

I’m just so glad that I’m now quite tourist myself to my own hometown. That I’ve seen more than some folks here will ever see, I’ve got so much more perspective than many.

I went back to my old workplace, the Chinese restaurant. During those long simple spring of 2012 days. Nothing much has changed, but my old friend was suddenly all blinged up. I was like what the fuck, 21 Jump Street’s “Damn, I blame Glee!”

So Seattle won their first Super Bowl. Football season officially over. 3 days till Spring Training. Pitchers and catchers report.  A couple more weeks to spring. I’ll write about the winter again. Go Mets! 

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