Wednesday, January 15, 2014


I’ve found out, that a large percentage of sensible, non-addictive smokers, keeps lighting a cigarette not because the biological reaction due to the addiction to nicotine, but rather boredom.

I know, let me explain.

It’s actually pretty obvious. Unless you’re super addictive, the majority of smokers I’ve met at work, including partially myself, smokes because of boredom. Because there was nothing else to do. Maybe the army boys started smoking during the cease fire, because of boredom. Because it was a mini getaway, you could bring your mind somewhere else. It’s like chips. That’s why the volume of consumption changes with the busyness. That’s why it is easy to just drop it when there’s a valid motivation to overcome the mind blogging.

All the good memories during X came back when I saw Lea posted some words to go along with her pictures. She visited the persimmon farm and met Janet the TV host. She took a picture of my big brother there.

She said - The more you see, the wider your heart is.  因為人的一生總在無數他人的故事中,找到自己未來的模樣,和自己的"".

It’s so true. I left something there. It wasn’t with the Chapter. It wasn’t with the kids, it was the work I did. It was the impact, that the program had. We touched hearts. Something we could be proud of. Something we fought for. An ideal.

In light of the recent surge of work and travel visas offered, my AIESEC X stood tall. It wasn’t about uploading photos on facebook.

Once again you’d realize the power of AIESEC. To make impact, to change for the better. To touch people. 

I don’t know what I’m gonna do when these guys graduated and went away with their lives. For these few years, they’ve been my sanctuary. Whenever I needed strength they were always there. During the hardest time, up and crying, they stayed up with me through the all mighty internet.

Time flies, but the heart remains.

AIESEC NCTU, Crazy, Brave, Fun, Impact.

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