Tuesday, October 01, 2013


We tend to take things for granted. Easily. I mean, when was the last time you seriously felt thankful because you could see with your eyes, you could speak and you could eat whatever you like? A colleague, he was telling another guy he was going back to his family for the weekend, because his son went to 38.5 degrees. I can feel the worry but I don’t think I’ll understand it. On the other hand, I’m fooling around in whatsapp with a group of friends whom we’re gonna go for a little vacation a month later.

That said, I felt free. I feel young. An article on the concept of living in Stockholm, said “The ability to live independently gives you the power to choose the kind of life you want.” It’s simply perfect! I’m young and I want things. I’m free and I want for the better. I loved and I cried. I could go and live in any city in the world and knowing I will survive.

I remembered the latter part during the Mayday Concert. I stood there, drifting away, smiling. Everything was forgiven. Nothing was important.

Thinking back, perhaps that’s what I’ve wanted all along for her. To see her just grave herself and believing that is exactly where she should be, hurts. Live independent. Love. Be young.

A friend recently went to AIESEC Delhi for X. The charter was horribly managed. And he ended up having a vacation with other EPs. He said it was very frustrating, especially after knowing people who gave up so much for the benefit of the organization. The thing with these CTLC AIESECers is that, they participate not for the leadership skills, not for the certification, not for the connection, and not for the sake of doing it. They participated, because they wanted to give themselves an answer at the end of their university lives. Somewhere along the way, this was lost in most AIESEC Chapters.

Giving ourselves an answer. That’s all aint it? We owe it to no one but ourselves. No one else. Not even God. Just ourselves.

I guess the realization of being lucky is there. Undeniably it is selfish. But shouldn’t it only strengthen the case?

Footnote – My baby sitter passed away, exactly today. I don’t remember when was the last time I saw her and her family. I don’t remember much of my childhood. But I remembered they were extremely nice to me, and I was almost intolerable, according to my grandma. She always made great cookies during lunar new year. Too many death this year. 

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