Wednesday, September 11, 2013

End of Summer '13

It’s funny a same group of people remember things differently. I kept talking about 2011, I had a chance to chat about it with one of my best friend. It appeared that he, remembered it as a semester that was extremely busy. Not much fun, but endless work. And his final year project. 

In a way, our memory belonged only to ourselves. And, it is so precious, when two or even more people sharing the same piece of memory.

I actually found a picture. It is one of the original live wallpaper on the phone, and definitely one of the best. It was the first one I used, and once in a while I still turn back to it. It’s like the 2nd half of 2011 I had been talking and reminiscing so much about. 

It’s just that. The sky was clear. Every day there was something to look forward to. And those something was fun. No matter whatever it was, we were always going to have breakfast and lunch together; we were always going to do it together. Even though I already knew I wouldn’t graduate with them. I guess I went to GCDP with AIESEC because I wanted to prove something, that even though I couldn’t graduate with them, I had done something to be proud of, that none of them did. To balance the inferior feeling. 

It’s been a funny week. Like workload suddenly reduced, and my mind hadn’t been able to be so far off work ever since the days in my previous company. Couldn’t sleep well. Had long wild dreams about everything. And I think I was more excited about the buffet dinner than my family who were going. I was happy that they kinda had a good and light time, quality time, especially my dad. 

A blog that I followed for over a year, was recently revitalized. The author is in her summer holidays and the new semester doesn’t start in a month’s time, so she’s back in the country and writing. She’s a remarkable young lady. Most impressed. And the things she write are getting better, I actually felt ashamed about my own bloggings here after seeing what she wrote. I’ve gotto grow up! And fast!

Talk about movies. Did you remember the Bollywood film “3 Idiots”? I found something when I sort of rewatched it again today. Pia loved Rancho, but she somehow managed to nearly married another guy. All these years, the love didn’t change, but then she could bear to marry another guy. It’s very cruel. Perhaps it is only in films, that those dramatic endings could happen, and that after many years, the feelings and the people never changed, as if all the years between never happened.

Cheung Kah Fai’s latest boxing film, is a revelation. He’s just proven he’s the super actor that we already knew he is. Splendid performance. Script was bad, but I was sorry to hear that most people, including some local artists, declared that the film is trying to tell that your will take you far beyond your imaginations. I thought, they did pick Cheung Kah Fai for one reason, his age. So it was more to at the end of the day, in whatever we do, any stage of our lives, we owe no one but ourselves an answer. 


All these negativity and sadness that you’re tweeting, I wish I knew what they were about. If you had looked closer I probably had given you the answers. The old messages in whatsapp, the greeting cards, the postcard. 

But you know what? JM’s right, why should I care, why am I still thinking about this. I couldn’t answer him. You’re family. You’re part of. You belong. And I don’t know how to de-categorize it. 

Perhaps all I missed about that semester of 2011 was being able to talk to you. I wished I had taken you out that term. 

When will you see?

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