Saturday, August 31, 2013

Matt Harvey

The biggest news of the week was Mets ace Matt Harvey having a torn ligament in his throwing elbow. I’ll tell you what Matt Harvey means to me.

Matt Harvey represents the beginning of a refreshed period of my life. Matt Harvey put sense back into my life. I saw his Mets debut last year. He gave a whole different meaning of being a New York Mets fan. Mets were no longer losers. Mets were Amazin’ again. Mets, although not playoff contenders, were relevant again.

This is such a huge relation to my personal situation at the time. The courage to move beyond, the telling that the failure period is finally over. Things, at last, are turning for the better.

This was all, aside from the obvious reasons that he’s the anchor of the Mets’ future for many years.

The news just wouldn’t go away in my mind that day. Until yesterday, I watched Elysium, and the first person I thought of about the medic bed is Matt Harvey.

The next day, Celtic overcame a 2 goal deficit, winning 3-0 at home to qualify for the group stages of the Champions League. The opposition’s playing strength aside, I believe this might be the best Celtic squad I’ve seen in years. Since Larsson. They have talents, that’s always been the case, but having the unity and guts, like Larsson, Moravcik, Lennon, Lambert, Boyd, Hartson, that’s fresh. Again they won the day against a very cocky opponent. That’s how football should be. Thanks for another great memory at Celtic Park, and for believing in football, and goodness, again. That whatever evils, shall lose, even in fantasy football.

The draw was shitty, but never say never. Lennon’s bhoys could surprise many people.

And then the football Giants lost Stevie Brown and Andre Brown. The entire preseason basically wasted because of two key personnel going down. But Giants will still go as far as Manning could take them. And that makes the Nassib pick felt even more comfortable.

Life is that fragile. Tommy Johns are common nowadays. If this was 30 years ago, the whole landscape of the Mets franchise that they have been building for the past few years, would have been gone.
Life, is that small.

Since Harvey went down, the Mets have shown up a bit more. Niese practically did it all by himself. Gee was again outstanding. Even though the Mets were out of playoffs forever since, even though there was no David Wright, but those guys showed up and played well.

I felt sorry for Matt Harvey. But I do feel he will come back even better, whether it is the next year or 2014. 

#HarveyDay will be back

The Mets will contend under Matt Harvey. 

And hopefully, win. 

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