Wednesday, April 03, 2013

29 Live Dangerously

You know, if all women like their husbands to remember dates and anniversaries, I would make a pretty damn good husband. But sometimes I am bad in memory. Things that you’ve just told me, I could have forgotten right away. Not paying enough attention? No. It’s like I couldn’t categorize what are the things that I am choosing to remember. It just comes in, and refuses to leave.

Anyway I wanna say, that its all downhill from here. That little escapade I had a month ago? It’s officially mathematically a month ago. In fact, on the 31st of March, it was 26 days before, 26 days after. I would  be going to Miri and then back home again. I can’t wait!

It’s funny you know. What is so great about home? I couldn’t tell. I don’t know. It’s just, I just wanna be there that’s all.

And if you had seen Bruce Willis in the latest GI Joe, you gotto agree he’s trying out as a comedian. Frankly he won’t do too bad. I think he’s great. But GI Joe was horrible. I wasn’t satisfied as I was with Die Hard 4, and Lee Byung Hyun is Korean, not Japanese. The worst part of it all, the director was actually Asian. He should have known better. And the ending, not killing all the bad ass to save for another sequel? Horrible. Are writers so short on creativity that they have to keep the bad guys for the next movie? But back to Bruce, even in Die Hard, he was starting to have lines that made people laugh.

Rome. Eternal City. There’s something about these Woody Allen films. They capture these places so magnificent. I first loved Midnight in Paris, I still do. But To Rome With Love? I think it was even better. He captured the city with so much passion. Like the line when the famous actor Luca said to Milly to convince her to have sex, he said “I’m a normal person with the same need and desire”. Story wise I think Owen Wilson played his role well. Allen writes himself into his movie. And it isn’t easy to play it. Baldwin was okay. Wilson was brilliant. And Ellen Page? I love her. She’s still so cool and awesome even after such a not so cool and not so awesome role. 

I leave this story here lastly - Roman Holiday starring Audrey Hepburn. Brilliant. Just like Midnight in Paris. It was sweet. She reminds me of Kristen Bell. But Hepburn was brilliant. I was marveling at how she turned from a total jerk at the beginning “on the effects of the medicine” into such a lovable character. And that haircut? That sealed it for me. There’s something about Hepburn in how she presents herself visually. Its like the role has a Hepburn touch, just like De Niro, his roles will always change, but there’s something remaining that let us identify , ahh that’s De Niro. And here’s what I really really meant to and wanted to say, “Live Dangerously, Take The Whole Day”

Live Dangerously. Dear Eileen, if you ever got to read this, go watch this film. Roman Holiday. Its even on youtube. Fake princesses wants to be real princesses, YES I’m TALKING ABOUT YOU and a few of your horrible looking dresses. While Real Princesses wants to rock n’ roll. Live dangerously. Have I ever told you that you looked sexiest in tees and converse? Btw I think you should try Keds. Not that my opinions matter anyway. I love you but I wanna see you find yourself, I wanna see you live for yourself, I wanna see you happy. I’ve decided that these days that’s all I ever cared about.

And you started taking coffee. I don't know what to feel of it.

Live Dangerously. Take the whole day!

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