Thursday, March 28, 2013


I’m pretending that you don’t know my blog and hence, don’t read whatever shit I put here.
I don’t know.
I think sometimes your profile is being hacked. You were liking some incredibly not funny jokes. Like holy shit? Come On! Remember the rabbit joke? The one that Randy put up? Totally not funny. I mean, only kids and total retards would laugh at. SUCK.
Not cool at all.
Something’s wrong with me for this past week, I’ve been in a serious relationship with my bed without me consciously knowing it. Just today, I was playing with the phone last night, I fell asleep without setting the alarm, woke up to a sudden shock on 7.40am, and clocked in at the office 8.10am.
A 2011 film, Goon. Just finished it. AWESOME. Hollywood just don’t make these kind of films no more, maybe they can’t. Nova Scotia is so AWESOME. Rhea could be right with what he told Glatt in the pub. I suppose it holds true for a lot of us looking for direction and purpose in life.
He said to Glatt - ” Kid, you got this thing. The stuff. The shit. The fuckin' grit, you got it, like me. But like me, that's all you fuckin' got. And like me, you're no good to anyone doing anything else. All I'm saying is don't go trying to be a hockey player. You'll get your fuckin' heart ripped out.”
You know I laughed at some commercial that the national radio station plays. This evening, they said we ought to be more appreciative, not taking for granted what the previous generations fought for. I mean, seriously? Precisely, what are we taking for granted that they gave us? Fuckin’ right to voice about shit, to eat hamburgers for dinner, letting every other rich universities suck the soul out of the country and getting low pays for a shit 4 years of university study? What the hell man! What did we do?
And, speak precise mandarin. Oh fuck off! Go tell that to any grown man. I refuse to speak chinese’ Chinese. I aint speaking them no shit. I speak Malaysian Chinese. That’s where I’m from. I aint changing no shit just because they’re politically a superpower. Even if I were to change, it’d be Taiwanese Chinese, not fuckin’ Chinese. Holy crap. I can’t stand it when high school/ college kids types like they’re from fuckin’ mainland china.
Gimme a break.
Lent season. Good Friday, and then Easter.
Oh before that, the blood donation that she did last week? SUPER AWESOME. BRILLIANT. The last time you donated, great things happened. You did good my lady. 3 words – PROUD OF YA!
I made you easter bunny last year. I guess the dogs in Christine’s house totally swallowed them? Jesus. Spring training is over man, Opening Day is next week! Get REAL! Happy Spring!
I still remember you said you went to St Joseph alone last year. Thinking of that, I guess you really wanted me to go huh. I mean back then of course. It sucks that here I work on Sundays and they aren’t doing Easter mass in town. I might go to the Good Friday mass though. Might. I couldn’t care less. The better Father treated me, the worse I feel. I gotto go up to him someday and say all the shit I’m in the church for is because I think it brings me closer to you.
He'd probably say "What the hell!"

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