Tuesday, March 19, 2013

26 Random Rant

Just a random rant, since I can't do it on Twitter no more. Maybe I should have just post to her on an email or whatsapp, but what the hell.
I'm dead serious in asking you out to Mayday's concert in Singapore.

I wanna see you, but a bit more than that, I wanna experience the sensation of Mayday LIVE, with you, I want us both, to be touched, at the same time, by the timeless songs that they will be playing.

And if you will have me, I wanna hold your hand in the middle of all those.

I wish I could fast forward time.
To the point you tell me you've just bought your air ticket, and then to the point we meet in Singapore.
Or simply, to the point where you emphatically reject me and put an end to all my fairy dreams.
The only difference might be, this time, I might not have the courage to keep standing up anymore.
But still, I'm dead serious in taking you out to Mayday's concert in Singapore. I have already start looking for a nice place we can dine together.
Dead serious.

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