Friday, February 08, 2013


I really believe these numbers have something to do with it. This is number 18th.

Probably one of the best evenings I’ve had here so far. Maybe not the best, but certainly very enjoyable. It started like this, I didn’t wanted to go home. I actually turned into our village, and reached the mosque, about 1 and a half kilometers away. And then I turned back and went straight to Mesra Mall.

First time I went into the cinema alone. And you know what drinking the tea from the paper cup felt like? Civilization. Boy oh boy. I had Starbucks only 4 weeks ago and I watched a film only last week.

I did both today. I watched the latest Arnold Schwarzenegger (Thanks Microsoft word for the spelling) film. I’m quite surprised the director is a Korean. And I didn’t remember Arnold a lot, except from the Terminator films. But boy he could act. He was terrific. And just a reminder of how times have changed, even Arnold himself admitted he was old in the film. Just like when I first noticed lines on the forehead of Jet Li. His image is forever the Fong Sai Yuk who beat the bad guy to rescue his mother, and had two wifes, one of them 1989 Miss Hong Kong, Michelle Reis.

One thing about the film, either it is not censored or they purposely left out “Schmuck”. I’ve seen the word censored before but it was mentioned twice, loud and clear in the film. All in all, a good old action film. Quite enjoyable.

I ate at Roti Boy. It is unbelievable the amount of customers they have. I sat down there for about half an hour, and the cashier had break at all. Not that the queue was long all the time, but then as soon as people checked out, new ones would come in and choose their bread. Tea wasn’t exactly nice, the bread wasn’t exactly as good as I’ve had in Gurney, but warming. I would have gone for Starbucks if they had one in mesra mall you know.

What a day. And I cleared my mind on a couple of things. 

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