Friday, February 08, 2013

17: I remembered it like it was yesterday

I don’t know if I’m even supposed to be writing this anymore. See the problem is, I don’t really want to. But it’s like the ankle sprain I’m having; it is something that just happens. Its part of me.

You’re Australia bound today. The date I was told was 29th. You weren’t wrong, except that you were flying local on 29th and international on the 30th. I thought internationally on the 29th.

Anyway I was delighted when my tweet was replied in less than a minute. I mean, it means so much more that I thought had happened, and so much more that didn’t happen. Again, I’m always looping – all is forgiven.

In a way, I was hoping you might consider to grad here, because of all your friends, and most importantly I’d finally get a chance for a picture. See I am that plain. Maybe you might wanna reconsider your point of view.
That night, is still one of the things I look back and laugh. I never really doubted whether I should go or not. I was decided then. It was like the pinnacle of things.

I gave it all, and I cried. Life can be rewarding at times. And especially when perceptions began to change.
I cried my heart out that morning. And I wasn’t the same anymore.

But the whole experience kinda turned head on when you came home rather than stayed there. I’m glad you’re out of that shit little city mocking town of yours. I really do. All you need is more love. And them Rocky Leaks aint doing much help.

I mean come on, 22 years old kids liking fast expensive hot cars? What are you? 45? I don’t know, its just so unconventional, FUCKING UNBELIEVABLE if you ask me. Give me a break.

This whole day has been about memory. Everything came back. That memory, somehow I could minus out Alan and your funky hair friend. It’s a shame I don’t remember his name, and the only think I remember him is his hair. I guess I’ll forgive him for his funky hair for now. Anyway the memory can somehow be just about us. Between us. You sitting beside me. Me sitting beside you. You wiping off the milo on the seat so that i could seat beside you. You putting the cheesecake on my thigh. Whatever. It just came flooding back. Not just the memories, but the tears somehow felt like it ran back into my eyes, like nothing else has happened.

And yet again, it just feels right again for you to leave it. I think each travels, long or short, changes us, even by a little. Well obviously the more you think about it the more it means to you.

So go. Go have fun. And reflect on it afterwards. Your new perspectives aren’t fully flourished. Meanwhile, I’ll have to enjoy my bread and peanut butter. 

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