Friday, February 08, 2013


I’ve forgotten how good beer could taste like. Uncle Ooi in his leather shoes and shorts. I guess I was smiling the whole night. I was happy. Kerteh Harriers Club house, private place, beer. 

All his friends are big bosses. Like his kind, assured. They talked a lot about work, surprisingly. I just enjoyed the beer and the peanut. I missed beer. The last time I drank like that was the night before Kah Wai went home. I still remember we had dinner with Siaw Kang and Lina before we went drinking. How times have changed. 

I guess I had a few more than I should have, we drank on small glasses, I was hoping we’d take the bottle straight away. But they pour it out actually. Tiger smelt like tiger – clear but rather tasteless. I missed some good ol’ Bud. I think I had almost 3 bottles, almost a litre.

Then I was looking forward to uncle’s reaction on me during the night out, I was sure he’d say something to Auntie and auntie would definitely pass it on to me mom. I’d like to think I’ve done well drinking. Probably impressing a few people at the same time. But it ain’t nothing. One of the good things about  Miri. 

An Uncle Henry asked me about whether I’d start doing any work pack, I told him I’m far from that. But he assured me that it’s about right to start there and said it’s gonna climb very fast. Well I certainly hope so. 

I didn’t believe my uncle would come back to Kemaman if he gets a slight bump in his wages, but I guess I know why now. He seemed comfortable here. He enjoyed the company of his friends here. And they seemed to respect him a lot. He doesn’t talk much, as usual, but after a few drinks, he was opening up. Not spectacularly, but just being more frank. On the contrary, in KL, he doesn’t have many friends. Very little I would say. And all he does is go home. It can be boring. I guess he welcomes the change once in a while.

And finally it turns out Uncle Ooi said my hokkien was too difficult for his friends to understand, and that I shouldn’t be afraid to speak English because I’m an engineer now.  Well first of all, it’s weird. Secondly, I didn’t started it, I thought I might have some kind of an affiliation or connection for being able to speak their dialect as in hokkien. But all in all I felt welcomed. I liked them. I hoped they enjoyed my company too. And thanks for the beer. 

Normal service resumed.

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