Monday, January 21, 2013

12 Time Flies

Aah!! 22nd of January.

I’ve lost count on how many days I’ve been working. I would have lost count of how many days I’ve been here in Terengganu if it wasn’t for the fact that I started on the 1st day of the year. Time really flies.

You know they say time moves slowly when you’re looking forward to something. I’ve been actually quite surprised, in terms of how days just flew away recently. In less than 48 hours, I’d be on a bus to KL.

I guess it’s about having things to do to fill the time that makes us forget to count the time. Like I spent the whole Friday shopping and attend mass in the evening, then go to work on Saturdays. Sundays there will be night market just in front of the school in the village, and then Mondays are football days. There you have it, 4/7 of the week has been covered.

I think it’s worth mentioning that I am facing dilemmas. It’s like, hey! this is the kind of thing I should be writing, the kind of stuff that I’ll have feelings when I read them again in the future.

First, it happened yesterday. The security guys, whom I have been having pieces of chatters every now and then, offered to give me a lift and take care of my car when I go home during the Chinese New Year break. He seems a nice guy. And they have been May’s driver to airport numerous times. I don’t know. I couldn’t decide. I mean, it’s all I want, somebody to fetch me to Kuantan, somebody to fetch me back from Kuantan, and look after the car. The complete package! Why did I hesitate?

Worse, I failed to hide it. And he voiced it out. I was very sorry but I couldn’t help me self. I asked myself why, and I probably got to the conclusion that I am still kinda being a racist. I’ll probably have to talk to somebody before making a decision. But it definitely got me thinking about how I’ve done similar things to others, and at the same time, understanding how, at times, people just don’t trust one another.

Then the second thing happened today. Piq has been very kind to me. I guess seeing me cry reminded him of his old self when he was starting out. He’s taken me under his wings and made sure I’m fine. Today, he asked me to track his stuffs that are supposed to be sent to a platform on a Thursday ship. See the stuffs are all in the warehouse, but it’s about making sure they are packed and delivered to the supply base and not miss the boat. On the other hand, the warehouse supervisor has been someone I know. One of the first people I’ve known. He told me I shouldn’t worry about the packing because it is their job and they will see it through. See I don’t know what the norm is, but I felt Piq isn’t wrong. I felt it is not wrong to follow up because it is indeed an urgent job.

I think the AIESEC experience does help here. Understanding from different point of views. I mean, not everyone could see this, but it’s both ways, they think the engineers are dumb, the engineers think they’re dumb. Just a lack of good communication. Am I supposed to play the hero that changes this whole environment? I feel they need to talk.

Lastly, Signora ‘Zali, my direct supervisor, seems to turn a blind eye on me since first day, and now I’m under him, I have never even spoken a word with him, outside of my leave applications. I wondered did he knew I was working for him, that I’m one of his pawns, but then if he signed my leave form he would have known, and he doesn’t look like a reckless person. He doesn’t talk to me, he doesn’t give me jobs, I don’t know man. 

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