Wednesday, January 09, 2013

05 Week End

Week End: Saturday Friday

Just when I was feeling good about Eileen replying me on Facebook, she is following karyeeang on twitter but not me, replying sinw on twitter but not me. What had I done wrongly? When will I get out of this vicious, poisonous toxic cycle? Seems like nothing has changed. Why did I bother to ask Andrew, and then May, about job openings for you?

When I drive alone I think of me mom. Back from work, or even a short distance, coming back from May’s house. I touched 祖師公’s pouch for the first time since I don’t know when. I asked to be faithful, to be strong enough to see this through.

Today I followed May and Liza to Kuantan. I used to think Lisa is her name, but that would be so English or Christian for that matter. But Liza sounds like her name, at least May did stress on the Zee sound when she called her. When May was away to OCBC bank, we talked about engineers in oil and gas industry. Because she’s a human resource staff, she kinda shed some light on how things work with all these engineers moving around companies. And also later, about job scope of field engineer and planning engineer. Seems like the prime thing is about being tapped into Petronas Carigali books, cos then the company could claim your services from them, and that could mean twice of the current amount.

See all the engineers are two to three years into work. When you add it up to my age, I’d still be 27, at most. Not too shabby am I? But my thinking is as similar to my uncle as possible. It’s like I’m on a mission, like James Bond being inserted into a foreign base trying to steal a file, a prototype. And once he’s done, extraction. So in other words, I’m feeling like I’m already in the foreign base, but then I’m not doing anything that is contributing to my goal. I don’t want to be seen a failure. I don’t want to run away. But then I don’t know how I could stand it. I don’t know how I could survive here.

You could also say I’m trying to get myself busy. I want to be busy, I want to be ready to leave as soon as possible. I can’t wait to get out. I even volunteered to help May with some general work tomorrow. Part of it was also to make sure I’m threading on the right line, as she has to be one of Uncle Stan’s most trusted Viceroy. Trying to enter the good book.

To sum it up, I am just not patient enough. And here’s today’s Bible Verse –

“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen” – Hebrews 11:1

And today’s Mother Teresa quote – “Let nothing perturb you, nothing frighten you. All things pass. God does not change. Patience achieves everything”.

I know. But I’m trying. =|

Talked about Miri with May, she said “Vacation Trainees”(interns) don’t learn a lot because they are mostly royalty, and the time they stayed for was too short. And she happens to be Simzhe’s tuition teacher when he was at school. Never knew him too well.

She also said she might have to ask Gee to lunch with me. I mean I’m going to lunch with Gee. Cos another guy who used to join them is coming back soon. And boys don’t like 3 people sitting at the back of the car. Well fuck that. I can’t for the life of me understand why. Like refusing to use tissue because its sissy. See I told you I hate irregularities.

I had my lunch at McDonald’s. The staffs were extremely very friendly. Like what you would get in Taiwan. They actually won an award for best breakfast serving outlet sort of thing, but decided not to offer breakfast from this year onwards. And I got my internet there. Haha. I chatted a bit with Turbo. We talked about job. He was asking mine and I was asking his. He says he’s changed department, so everything is now new to him. God Bless Him. He must feel a lot of pressure too. I guess we all do, it’s just how we handle it. I guess we all missed each other. We were each other’s sanctuary. Therapy some would say.

I missed Miri. I missed friends there. I missed my mom, I missed my home in BM. I guess I just hate hiccups, irregularities.

I chose a RM 7.90 book from popular. And when I was leaving, a kid was asked by his mom whether he would like any books, he said he didn’t want any because he already bought some the last time they were there. And then his mom told him even though he has bought some, he could still buy, sort of telling him books aren’t like food, they have no expiry dates. But then I smiled. Little kids always manage to lighten the mood, just like when you eat a cone of ice creams, kids would turn their heads looking at it!

Bought a Jack Higgins book, it’s nice to be back in the secret service world which has elements of the IRA, MI6, Scotland Yard, Secret Service and those sort of things. I remember the time I went frenzy about his books was when I was in foundation and year 1. After that I finished one more on the flight to Hsinchu.

The best moment of the day was when I visited Starbucks. The setting was very nice. There were a group of white men sitting outside, 8 of them I think. It was quite like the one near Hsinchu Train Station. Or the one I went with Sister Ah Nee in Taipei, I don’t remember where, but it was full house. Come to think of it, the one in Jusco Perda was quite the same. But then somehow it didn’t have that welcoming feel. You kinda enter from the side, and then you have a big souvenir shelf on the right. The bar is right after the shelf.

The bartender, “Vi vian” (That is what the cashier machine and her name tag shows!), tender age, teddy boy hair cut, soft speaking. I ordered my cappuccino in mandarin. And I told her my name was Lee. Dumb. Should have said Leo. I was the last customer she served, because afterwards she took her break and had a piece of puff at the table by the building post.

And then they played typical songs you would expect from Starbucks. The soft jazz and the guitars. Then there was an alternate version of Allelujah I love her so. Made me smile. All staffs still wearing santa hats. My seat was just beside the counter. Bartenders were actually very friendly and polite, getting along with every customer. There was even a kid who went inside the bars looking for a napkin, a bartender then took the napkins from above her head and gave it to her. She then happily rushed out of it towards her mother.

Kuantan seemed very dense. A town becoming a city. Too many cars, the roads were too small. Can’t say it’s peaceful, but then it does not qualify as bustling either. A poor man’s Johor Bahru maybe? But then all the Cantonese speaking does make me feel like Kuala Lumpur is only an hour away. I guess it is actually not that far.

Gotto ask farmer about their time table, hell, I could even see my family again. If Thaipusam counts then I could be off for 4 days!

I really wanna get my car fixed. I just can’t reach Cheok yet. I hope I could tonight. I can’t wait. Maybe I should stop worrying about small things like these. But I just can’t help myself.

Friday night. God Bless. 

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