Friday, December 28, 2012


Long due. But then I pushed it as far as I could. 

Its a space above an empty shoplot. Accessible by the staircase right beside the Nasi Kandar restaurant. Not the most difficult to remember, but wasn't easy to find either. Somehow, my guideline has always been the name of her salon. 

Right up the stair case, you knew you were in the right place because of all the posters. And the first thing I saw - a middle aged man walking out. Hell, that's a first for his kind! I've been there since 2 years now! 

I started going there because the one I used to go, the boss got rich through direct sales and decided to close down the hair business. And I could not stand the other places run by kids. Just too young, too pretending. 

The main hairstylist, barber, owner, lady boss, here, is the mom of my sister's best friend. 

Never knew how she recognized me, probably my sister told her friend and she relayed that to her mom. I guess it must be it, cos she later told me that her mom said I had fine facial features. LOL. Not a bad start innit?

The door was not locked, and the salon door, an air conditioned space, was wide open. I remember her little place well. Because the last time I was there, it was July, and she had to hurry her son off to tuition, to her son's disbelief that she could leave a customer waiting, but then she recognized me, and told her, that's your sister's best friend's elder brother, I'll send him off to tuition and comeback in awhile! I was quite surprised but then I wasn't in any hurry at all. So when she was out I paced around the room making some calls to arrange my all important July 5th.

There was no sign of her son, who used to hide himself away in a room next to the salon. The old lady was there, tending an even older lady customer, who happens to be in a hurry because her daughter and her family were taking her to Penang. She sounded really excited. 

She was wearing white shirt. I thought I saw her lining up for medicines in the hospital earlier, but then it couldn't be because I was waiting while she was just lining up, and I came straight after. 

She was standing at the counter with her handbag, I think she was looking for something. But at that moment I was more inclined to believe she was going out, so I gestured a scissors with my right hand beside my head and asked "Can I have a haircut?"

To my surprise (again, 2nd one of the day), she pointed me towards the seat opposite where she stood. Her tone was firm, like she had been expecting me.

And this was when the other customer asked about the time frame of whatever she wanted to do with her hair, to which the lady boss replied about a couple of hours, and the whole excitement of going to Penang was finally, released. 

And as the sign of being a regular customer, she asked "Short?" to which I gladly nodded. 

And the process was astonishingly quick, and pleasant! I didn't realise a lot of hair was falling piece by piece while she swooshed through my hair with the scissors expertly. One thing I did note was when she clipped the hair up to be cut. Sometimes some people uses hand, but then the clipping was almost non existent, and there wasn't one clipping that went uncut. 

The first few minutes she asked about my sister who is in Pennsylvania, asking if I had been in contact with her, and how she's doing. She seemed a bit surprised when I said my sister was enjoying herself a lot in the states. Perhaps she had been expecting a little bit of set backs, such as food and weather. 

Its often that they would show you the back of your hair with a 2nd mirror, but I just couldn't see it without my spectacles on. She didn't today. Thing with her cuts, is that at first, sometimes I thought it was a bit weird, and even upset. But then the hairstyle just grow and improve over time, and by the 2nd week, I was always very happy! 

I didn't remember my sideburn being tended, because that was when I planned to tell her I didn't want any gels because I came on a motorbike and the helmet would spoil it, not to mention stinking in the helmet itself. She was stroking through my hair with the liquid already, and then took the front cover away.

I guess she was rather satisfied with her work. I put on my spectacles, and that was when i was surprised that my sideburn had been taken care of. Stood up, asked how much, paid, and we said thank you to each other almost the same time, and off I go. 

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