Thursday, December 06, 2012

Blood Donation

Just a short quick burst. 

Went to the hospital to claim me granny's medicines, and drop by at the "Blood Lab" as they called it. 

A little bit over a year ago, a (wonderful, alright, its HER =D, otherwise i wouldn't have remembered this) lady, donated her blood for the very first time, up until now, still the only time. She told me, blood donation is sort of a great act, because it saves lives. Fullstop. Pure. 

I couldn't understand either. But now I do. Catholic teachings. The uncomplicated, deep affection, sometimes commitment, towards something, something beautiful, something as simple as people. Mother Teresa has had a monumental amount of influence on me. 

The last time I donated, was in April, the nurse had tested while I was still catching my breath, my blood pressure was over. She first suggested I couldn't donate, I was bitterly disappointed. Watch out for the trend. Of course, I sat down, relaxed, and then was examined again and passed, and donated. 

September I guess, I tried to donate. The officer and I was having quite a bit of chatter, and I sort of slipped, told him I had a beer last night. And his tone immediately changed, saying the alcohol content in my blood prevents me from donating, his words "..blood to be clean." See it this way - science or religion. But the point is, I was very unhappy with it. Got it?

God knows how I've missed you. Let's hope you'll never forget the heroic feeling of blood donation, and will always be two times healthy enough to donate. 

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