Saturday, November 24, 2012


First hour, Sunday. 

I felt like I have to write something today, even though I really should be in bed because I'd have a long long day tomorrow. So, my last few moments here before I officially enter the post-graduation era. Like FINALLY!

Leeds 2-1 Palace. Someone on Malaysian Leeds fan page mentioned it was our first win in 8 games. Has it really been that long?

Received an email that my particulars are being forwarded to the HR department because they dont have an opening in the branch that i sent in, or i was sort of introduced to. 

God, I've thought a lot over the past couple of weeks. Of how people establish themselves, how people are gonna see you, or how you're gonna see yourself, 10, 20 30 years later. Heck, how will people talk about me when Im dead? "He was a ...."  "He was a...."

Now predictably, and quite fairly, there would have been some that i wont agree with, not that it would matter anyway, but I do have a choice of filling in those blanks, and it starts now. Right the fuck NOW!

I've actually grown to admire a few people who started earlier than I do, not that i'm jealous of theirs but one would say they have actually done quite well. It is what the preachers are trying to push to us, it is also the gap that exists between the senior goers and us in the church. I dont hate them, i envy them. To my own surprise. Like those lower division footballers who really just acknowledge the greatness of the Gerrards and Lampards for their complete packages as a player, 

I'd like to think I'm blessed. Looking back, 11 months ago, things started to turn really bad for me. Slowly but surely, I gather myself to see the providence. It's sort of the situation of Giants running back David Wilson at the moment. OC Kevin Gilbride says, you cant just accept your mistake. Its back to the baseball rules again. You'll get your chance. Wait for it. All you can do, and you MUST do, is be ready for it when it comes. 

From another perspective, it is sort of like some people around that I could see, just don't know how fortunate they are to have many opportunities. I guess I used to be like that, taking things for granted. 

So the same thing applies for me. Get ready. I know it. Its hard, but it'll be worth it. Not just things, but YOU too my love. You once told your friend it is impossible for someone who loves you to wait until the timing is right. You might not have me in mind at the time, i'm not sure, but I've made it my goal. I've just got that feeling, that right feeling, I just know it. When they say you'll know it because you'll feel it, its just too strong to ignore. 

My at bat came and gone before i knew it. I'm sorry. Then and there. (this is such a nice place to be writing this, in fact its perfect)

I'll be up there to score some runs. I shall be ready. 

Here's to a great future, for us, and everyone else. Cheers 


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