Monday, October 22, 2012

Lessons I learned from the SF Giants

Matt Cain. San Francisco Giants. NLCS 2012. 

Lessons I learned from the SF Giants in this series. 

It all started about the time Melky Cabrera got suspended for 50 games. I hated (a bit strong..) the Giants for out-voting David Wright and a few others in the All Star Game this year. And since I gave her the Dodgers cap, the playoff wild card race was an easy one. The Dodgers bats of Kemp, Victorino, Ethier, Ramirez all went AWOL down the stretch, and two games before the end of the regular season, they were officially out, losing to the Giants. That day, I tweeted this news to her. Not the first time I talked to her about the Dodgers, not the first time she gave no response. 

I even prayed in mass that this Dodgers would emulate Sandy Koufax's Dodgers, who were also behind by the same number of games into the playoffs. Just like the Yankees did in ALCS, the missing bats were mysterious. Sucked out all the air of positivity. Suffocation at its best. I think that was why I gave up that time.  

Exactly the way I tried to get a hit with her and ended up the same way, for over a year. 

I watched the American League games because they were earlier and I could get on with my day after that. Giants saved themselves from the dead, losing the first and second and then winning the next three in Cincinnati. 

And just when the Cardinals busted open the series by having a 3-1 lead a few days ago, the Giants rallied. 

The whole story is breathtaking. It teaches me to let go. If its yours, you'll have it. If it isn't, you'll know it too. Every strikeout by Matt Cain earlier today felt that way. If its yours, its yours. Its not to say I jumped on the Giants bandwagon this playoff, but RESPECT what the Giants are doing - Being themselves, Being the San Francisco Giants. 

My Mets are not in the postseason, and I don't root for any team. I guess the Tigers are as good too. But the way the Giants are playing, the emotions, when Matt Cain was pulled after 100 pitches in the six inning, he yelled "No!".. He wanted to keep on pitching. I'd love to see them win. 

Right now, Game 7. Bottom of the 8th, Brandon Belt just homered into the right field stands, Giants ahead 9-0. 

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