Wednesday, July 18, 2012



Today, I bid farewell to a job I've been on for more than two months.

I started on Wednesday. 10 weeks later, Its Wednesday again.

Wednesday was also the day I took half day off and went to the airport to send her off.

Where to begin? Pay wasn't high, pay was average, hours were long.

I took it because I didn't have anything else, and I actually liked the boss.

I never thought it'd turn out to be so much discovering. A bit of everything really.

Boss' mom in law was the first person i came to be in touch with. She showed me my way around, and I still remember how she approaches customers with a smile and pass over the menus. It's easy right? But it was so difficult at the beginning. And then she's always a source of very cultural things about my beloved penang. Born and bred, she knows the town inside out, and how to survive it. Fond memories.

Boss' mom, another one with an extreme character. Grew up the hard way, I tried to coax out some stories, she started a bit, and then she just waved me away and say forget about the sad things. I guess it's gotto be so so hard that she wouldn't even wanna think about it. Very religious, very skeptical, always cared for his son more than anything else.

Boss, great guy. Kinda get to know him a bit late, but i guess when i could be honest with him then he's gotto be a great guy. Life's not easy on him. Not on his restaurant anyway. But I hope he does well. And to be able to be around when his daughter was born, it's really special. Lovely kids he has.

The maid, gotto be the one i mingle with the most. I kinda have a soft spot for her. How bright she could have been, how she sacrifised education to support the family, she could have gone on to better things. I try to make her stay here more comfortable, I hope she really lives well, cos she deserves a lot better.

Uncle, gonna miss your daily jokes, great guy. Your daughter is lovely. YOu started work just a day before me, and I've come through the part where you were slow, and now you're just an ace. I'll miss you Sir.

The boys, bright kids, brighter than they look, hope you boys pick up something here, keep the youth young and smile =)

The cook? The world's a better place than you think, show some love... =)

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