Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Don't know how to start writing really

Its just you're deliberately encircling yourself.

You are deliberately being very selective on everything you do or see.

You're deliberately appearing offline every single night!

And you're making people who loves you look really bad.

You're entirely entitled to do that but its just that its disappointing.

I remembered when you asked me if i was at the prom last year.

For once, it seemed you were very determined to know.

And it resonated in me.

And then I was led to believe you actually was waiting for me to ask.

And things could have blossomed like no one has ever thought of

Maybe I ought to be more understanding and patient at times like this,

2 more weeks to go for a full 365 days since you split.

I remember those first few days really really clear.

I always wanted you to grow yourself. Spiritual growth.

Going overseas is supposed to be great for you.

But you gotto embrace it, step out of the house and feel the warmth.

You keep thinking about Kuching and everything there,

you ain't going nowhere.

Seriously, i think you need to look at things and think about what you want.

Me or no me, I think you need to forget Kuching, you gotto go travel,

You need to travel alone, see different people, and really love them.

I hope you remembered Miri and everything in Hilltop Garden.

Cos I think they were really great to you.

But your mind was always back in the old town of Kuching,

where you have no business at all, hell, you aren't even from there!

I'll be straight, you should have no business with Stan.

He ain't your type. You won't regret until you're 35 and have 5 kids.

And you would be trying to convince yourself so hard that you made the right choice.

But you know what, it would have been a wasted life.

Who am I to say what's wrong and what's right?

Maybe you know better, maybe you're contented at things that way.


You could shine. You're brighter than that, I know, that is why i did what I did.

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ayunn said...

this is great, like, simple, but great :)

Martian said...

hahaha... thanks =)