Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday 13th

So it was july 13th. Black Friday.

Forget how it became black or why, but its been a bit of a day for me.

My boss was not in when I report for work today, turns out her wife was finally delivering the baby girl we've been waiting for since Monday!

Throughout the day I kept taking in what this day would mean to him and his family. A new family member arriving.

He didn't seem exciting enough, in fact i think i was more excited than him!

WHen i was lining up at McDonalds for the purple glass after work, I was thinkin, yeah, this is Black Friday, and the baby was born on Black Friday, has it ever crossed his mind? Suddenly I don't know whether to congratulate him or not!

One other thing i did today was going back to OMJ. Missed that place. Left it in the first place because there weren't much of the original guys left. Not that new guys suck, but when old guys aren't around its strange. I guess I'd always be like this.

Was welcomed by a couple of old chaps I knew, absolutely loving that place again!

And I don't know if decide is the word, I wouldn't go as far as that at least. But I've probably made up my mind periodically of putting a stop to all the madness pursuing.

I guess I said something I myself agreed on very much today - That No one, ABSOLUTELY no one else, could have done more than I did. That's the truth. So here comes the kick - If the maximum isn't enough, then its not about how far one is willing to go anymore, its about how much she appreciates. Thats the name of the game, if she appreciates the world out of it, then I'd probably reached the Moon by now. I mean, its time to be totally honest, she wasn't entirely HAPPY or PLEASED to see me, i was more like a nuisance than anything else, amid all those pictures and long chats. So Yeah, I probably would be better off.

So yeah, i've kinda given it in, passing the ball back to her court. Its basically like saying - Hey, I've done so much, no one's gonna do better than I have. You take your time, I don't know how long that's gonna be, but if anything's gonna happen then its gonna start from you, I guess I've pushed far enough to deserve the waiting out.

I mean, I ain't no fool, I've heard about the architect guy and probably a few more, but look, dear love, darling, please, its plain simple, I've out duelled them in every single category. Just look at the scoreboard, look back at everything. For once. If these are not enough then I don't know what is. You tell me.

Friday 13th to make this kind of decision ain't smart, but I just ran out of juice. Like a fly ball that dropped right at the warning track. Which inning is this? 7th? Will I have another at bat?

You tell me.

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