Friday, June 29, 2012


Recently I found a blog of someone I know. Well its a friend's cousin anyway.

She's gonna turn 20 this year, and she's started writing since she was 15! SHe's been writing for that long! and what's more, she's been updating them frequently. at least a couple of articles a month..

Reading through, it got to me that, the reason her blog is so interesting is that it is a direct insight of what she thinks. Bit of her life, but she has maintained it the way when we all started to do blogging - write your own thoughts.

I'd say my blog has turned into a personal milestone recorder, cos most of the things I write here has been whatever I'd be upto since the last post. The thing is, I always imagined this place to be something more than that, not just that... hahaha

Starting to really pick up my reading pace this past month, gonna finish 3 soon, I always thought reading keeps me edgy, being able to converse and communicate more effectively.

The above is the official trailer of an upcoming Taiwanese film called Viva Baseball. A very heavy taiwanese flavour, I really doubt its release throughout asian markets, especially the low interest in baseball in this region. But i got to know this film because of 陳金鋒's facebook page. Those who don't know yet, Chen is a professional baseball player based in Taiwan, he was Taiwan's first Major League player. Signed by the Dodgers, he played mostly AAA ball, setting records for both homeruns and RBIs for the Dodgers' AAA affiliate. He plays himself in a cameo appearance in the film.

i think the last Taiwanese film to be so heavy in local flavour is 雞排英雄, and I absolutely loved it!

And If you watch the trailer, towards the end, there is a Lamigo(Chen's team) fan that predicted Chen to hit homerun and Lamigo to win the ball game against Brother Elephants. Perhaps purposely, the trailer was released on this day that Lamigo was playing Brother Elephants. Chen has not hit a home run since 3rd of May. This trailer was released today, on the afternoon of 29th June 2012. And in the ball game at night, Chen hit an opposite field two run shot in the sixth inning, Lamigo won the game 8-1.

Having seen this trailer prior to the ballgame this afternoon, it sends a chill down my spine, and I am absolutely happy for Chen. So many times people have put their hopes on him, he has rose to the occasion. Including today.

Its the 2nd half of the season already and yet its only Chen's fourth homerun of the year. He thinks there's still a lot of  baseball to be played, And rightly so.

And through the news piece I've also picked up a new taiwanese baseball cliche - 紅不讓. Literally it means red hot, the pronunciation is actually very similar to "Home Run".

You made my day Chen. Once again, thanks.

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