Friday, June 08, 2012

Long Long Due

Its funny. When you think you have more time to do something, you actually don't. You wont do it and you don;t have the time.

I thought a day off a week, I would fill my time so nicely. There's always the scare of not doing anything at all. But the preciousness of it, has definitely help. Me granny was out the whole while, been a month, Jeez! I normally sleep until noon. Zombie type. I always gets up at 7. Look at the phone, smile, and change the bed for the sofa and tv.

Its funny that 90% of the MLB live telecast on ESPN are AL East games - Yankees and Orioles.

Finished a couple of book since I came back on March, and plenty has happened.

Its hard to think back and write about all other things in the past, but today is probably the wildest i've had since THAT night.

I was supposed to go to a wedding dinner. Make no mistake. The bride's my ex colleague during intern, and friend. The fact that there were only 3+1 of us during that time made us really close. The 3 of us i mean. We even went out for dinner and movies a couple of times after work with his boy friend. He's a cook, or Chef, if you like.

We used to hang out quite a lot. Because i used to drive them outside of the factory for lunch, and they talk a lot most of the time about their job. I still don't. See the traits Eileen? Its probably one piece of us that are really really similar.

They've been living together for a few years, and she admitted it wasn't that much of excitement for her because she had thought she had married, its just a ceremony.

So i arrived just before the dinner was scheduled to start and found that I was among the 20% that was supposed to be there. I actually wanted to go real bad, because of her. She's my first close friend that is getting married. But the thought of the other 1 of the 3 not going is real sad. I would have ZERO friends there. I mean, of course i know the other kids that were at the table there. They came during my last 2 weeks there. One was my junior. But she's a woman, I am not comfortable with that.

I turned up to congratulate her, and pass her the red packets. wished her well, and went to the table to find my junior and a man there. I never thought she'd bring an outsider, but she did and alright, i did bugger off because i thought the kid was another trainee. Turns out no, and the kid was actually a bit more concerned about me recognizing the wrong guy. So i went downstairs and fetch a drumstick ice cream. haven't had one for ages. and it wouldn;t be the last i'd have tonight either.

Sat down and started texting her. I thought of texting a little bit throughout the dinner. But when she said she had a delay on the flight, that was when i realised this could be a big night. I went to the swimming pool, stroll around for a good night view, couldn;t find one. chatted abit,

An hour later, TYPICALLY, most people arrived and it was gonna start. I got up, walked towards my table. it was like throwing a coin toss asking for decision from the Above. That was when I realised, lets do it, i don't wanna be there. So i lied to my friend and slipped away from her wedding dinner. I actually slipped away first.

And i was outside of the hotel for about half an hour, thinking where should I go. i don't wanna leave the Town but I wanted the sea breeze. Then she said her flight was rescheduled again, and I asked if she cared for another round of snacks, she was havin' dunkin' donuts earlier. And she said she only wanted lamb chop. I was like. Hell Yeah, lets go, Lamb chop!

There's a Swiss restaurant that i've been longing to go. Turns out they were renovating, until i passed the Beach Street, Logan Street area and saw a nice restaurant.

I parked up and walked there. The atmosphere was great. A lady singer and an awesome guitarist, people casually relaxing and enjoying some radio tracks, some still in their uniforms. Perfectly Friday.

Lamb Chop. No Brainer. I didn't even have to look at what else they had. Had a mixed juice of Carrot and Orange. I still remember the fabulous mixed juice of 7 different fruits i had in Taichung, and her favourite-  Ice Cream. That was when she turned off and started travelling. Finally!!

Got her jealous up real good when she turned the line back on. I am Pleased. =D

One last hurrah. Things are getting better compared to a while ago. This is bound to be a good year. Hell, the Giants won the Superbowl, we're in June and the Mets are the better team in New York! Lets keep it that way!


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