Saturday, May 05, 2012

Long Due

Right, this was meant to be two separate articles. I just took so long to do them that they become one.
Walked away from my job, why, and many more complexions, but more on that later. 

Let’s pick up from where I left off last time. 

It was Week 3. Kindergartens are almost finished, we were talking about primary schools and non-chinese kindergartens already. So I took my routine of splitting up the primary schools for two days, as I went very anxious of the first day, cos I scheduled to visit Chung Cheng first. 

Me and my sis, I think it was throughout our primary schools, we went to this teacher for tuitions on Mandarin and mathematics. Went before her first child was born, and when we left for good, she already has two children.

But the better part of the story was that she actually had two bad kidneys, the brighter side of things was she was a school teacher, government servant, and got all the chemotherapy fees covered. Turns out she was still alive! Couldn’t meet her because she had class when I was there, I left two pencils for her supposedly two kids. 

It wasn’t until I went back to my own primary school that I started counting, it was already ten years since I left school. And guess who was the first person I saw in the office – my very own class teacher! I greeted her, she kinda know me but was thinking again, and asked me, I told her my first names only, and she immediately got it, or was she just pretending? Anyway it was nice to see her, hasn’t changed a bit. I mean, I was a bit shocked to find out that I actually was speaking to a different headmaster. The one I knew had left 4 years ago.

Then it occurred to me, I left my tuition teacher exactly ten years now. We were her only tuition students. And since she got sick, she probably didn’t take anyone after us. Think about it, how happy we were to finally don’t have to go to her for classes, and how our lives have changed since. Though it wasn’t like she was bad, she was exactly the opposite, she was as kind a teacher you’ll ever find. Add that, and you think why she has to go through those horrible things. Well at least she’s still teaching, still there. 

Right, off to work. So I worked on a 20cents per box commission, I sold 470 boxes (RM 4700) which added up to a grand RM94 in commission. I am dead pissed off about it, but on a second look, I probably shouldn’t have. 

Think about it, I reach the office at half past nine in the morning, and is usually at home by 4pm. Minus probably half an hour of lunch time, its only six working hours per day, sometimes shorter. Although the sunshine and everything that comes with it was more than one would take in a normal job. For a start, every day was a jaded day that I could just lie in front of the tv and dozed off, or watch the updates on facebook and then go to bed. And then there’s the Saturday working.

No EPFs no SOCSO, minus the petrol terms, those on long terms weren’t worth it. But me? $1000 on those working hours? Much better deal than a lot of work out there, shorter hours too!

I don’t know, I just felt I had to do it. Its afterwards that I really think about it, trying to convince myself I made the right choice to leave. 

Okay, why did I leave? 

The initial response was always about the job nature. Yes it pays decently, yes working time is short, and I can even watch half of a game in the morning before I go to work. But it is the job itself that I couldn’t find satisfaction from within. I couldn’t find a passion to do it. I understand its gonna be tough for me to look for a job when I really need one, but I think I proved to myself I could grind out things. And I was disappointed with the non-replies of the cake shops, and I always kept an eye on AIESEC. I hope I could realize Cambodia, and I’d be back soon enough to see her off or better still, spend the night through…

That sums it up really. I like non working Saturdays. You get up, finish a ball game, and start to roam around the net. I did some catch up on Craig Ferguson and David Letterman, and a nice cozy afternoon strutting this thing out, and still has a night and a whole Sunday to burn before reality kicks back in on Monday!