Tuesday, April 03, 2012


Rick Levine. I've been following his stuff for the past few days, and I'm absolutely stunned with how accurate he has been. And thanks to him, I kinda evaded a confrontation because when it happened I was too busy wondering how could Mr Levine have called that!!
And he says Im gonna have a great morning on Sunday because some planet would've moved into my stars! The important thing though, is that Im not gonna be able to make full use of it!!!
Today's been very high. I went to Aulong, a rather large chinese village near Taiping. They were having family day, as in parents would come to the school to pick up their report cards.
As you leave the highway, everything changes. The landscape was awesome, with a beautiful backdrop of mountains not too far away. Its the backbone of the peninsular, the Titiwangsa. Its situated just far enough from the rockies and just far enough from the seas for us to not feel it.
If one has been watching local movies, You can always see they like to take views from villages, whereby the kids are all happy fat kids and its either paddy fields or some fishing villages. I definitely feel like it yesterday. And then you add to the fact that when we went in, we actually got to see those kids because it was a semi school day, they could go home after they'd taken their report cards.
They are so young and pure and such clean minded. When I asked a kid what he wants to be when he grows up, he says he wants to be a fisherman just like his grandpa.
And then its such a small and old neighbourhood that people really know each other, even the school security guard.
The highlight of the day, was a malay girl, who asked his dad to buy her the diary. A 20 dollar diary, her dad presumably a blue collar, couldnt find anything interesting about it, but pulled out his wallet inside 10 seconds and flushed two twenty dollar notes and handover, turned away and leave her daughter to pick up the spoils. When her dad pulled out the cash, she was over the moon and in total disbelief!!
Well she did look like one of those top students. I guess the diary made her day. I'm just so sentimental that I can't really be a salesman! Its a bit awkward, but thankfully schools have been rather welcoming, if not supportive, whenever I visit them.
Night time, there was a great time. I mean, no one else does it just like me do they. Ripping every small details there is about you, from your shoes to your hair. And I'll remember Ipanema.. I've Favourite up those pages, if they sell good ones then they can have my cash. 
I kinda think that I feel your split with Mr Aim more than you did. I do. It used to confuse me whether I was in love with you or I was just pity of you. 
Today, the guy in the drama decided to divorce her wife because her wife was turning into another woman that he didnt recognize. Her wife took people's money to do harm on a very friendly friend. I put myself in his shoes, and I've decided I didn't like you because you are good, so I wont dislike you if you suddenly turn bad! I will always love you! I'll be there fore you!
I know I will! 
Dear Goddess of Mother Earth. All I need is a window. 
yours as ever

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