Thursday, March 08, 2012


I've always come back to my blog and read. Other people's updates, or even my own old articles.

Which pops me to write this piece, as a link between then and now. Sort of an update of meself.

It was the AIESEC internship. When you meet new people and having to repeatedly discuss or make them understand what I really did there, was actually a very good reflection for myself. I came to realise, that 30 days was too short, and my timing was totally off, arriving just 14 days before it. Although I did know that the job freedom was absolute, I didn't realise how much I could have done. I could have taken even more pictures, and VIDEOS! Something that I really regret. I love Hsinpu Town, I love all the people I have met, I wished I had had a longer preparation and a better final output.

And then I came home. New York Giants went from 7-7 to World Champions. I don't like the offensive coordinator, Kevin Gilbride. I know the Giants have a few plays that are set for first, 2nd and 3rd downs respectively, but I believe Gilbride put too much pressure on Manning being successful on 3rd downs. All season long, our wins have been from big plays. Cruz grabbed the jumpball v Eagles and Asomugha, JPP blocked the field goal v Dallas, Cruz's 99 Yarder v Jets, both the 4&1 stops on Matt Ryan, Osi's sack fumble on Rodgers, the jumpball by Nicks before halftime, the fumble recovery v 49ers, and the 3rd down Manningham catch in Superbowl. Those were plays that were made of individual brilliance, and they wont happen very often. But one thing was constant during the late run, the front four was devastating. Whether we sign Osi next year remains to be seen, but having guys like Sintim, Thomas and Goff back would be like new recruits. Amukamara's gonna be healthy. Go Big Blue!

That was a high. And then Jeremy Lin revived the Knicks. Whether he is that good remains to be seen, but for the past couple of games he has been poor, and Knicks need to give the ball back to people who can score - Carmelo Anthony. I don't buy into linsanity, i believe he's a good player, but not as good as the hyped one. That stretch was a nice ride, but you definitely need more than 7 games to be a legend. But if there's any stage where his success can be appreciated the most, its here. its like Jackie Robinson all over again. Welcome to New York.

All these, and then the climax came when I realised i had to sit for a supplementary and I missed it. Totally Missed it. I was quite confident with my scores, but turned out my internal marks were boosted, and i made a numerical mistake, which caused the following answers to be wrong. I needed two more, and out of the 14 possible i was given none. Appeal dates were over, no more resits, my last hope rests on a very unconventional approach. The exam office allowed reviews if it was deemed suitable by the department. But the Head gave nothing, just like the Giants defence. None and I gotto punt. Burning this semester, and coming back for the 2nd half of the year.

Feng Fei Fei Died. Wow. and she hid her death for almost 2 months!

And then, now. Peyton Manning is being cut by the Colts.

I think anyone who watches the NFL does take a step back and think of things again. Peyton is the Colts. No player embodies a franchise like Manning is to the Colts. and even him, for all he's done to the organization and the city, couldn't survive reality. Forget Brady. both the Mannings and Rodgers plays better than Brady.

Everything that could go wrong, went wrong. A wild beginning on the first quarter of the year. I have a date next monday, and we're already in Spring Training.

The fun part might just be right ahead..... =)

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