Wednesday, March 28, 2012

One Week On

When i came back last week, I kinda marked the new life with a lot of things.. Like a new chapter. Because i had kinda incidentally but nevertheless  successfully ended the previous chapter.

I still love her. I love her I love her I love her and I love her.

I started a job, strange how the world turns around. My boss is exactly my first boss when I first started out working. And she's been to the States and Carribean for a few years between. She now has a Jamaican friend, kinda cool i know! and he sports Cornrows!

 see them and I think you're even more wonderful! Those lyrics become so apparent!


Thanks for making my day. I know its a long long road, either to our love or regaining my eventual health, I cant help but falling in love with you, heads over heels.

I try hard to keep my fire burning, on other things, not just you. Maybe the baseball season could be help. Oh by the way, the Mariners lead AL West, Ichiro has 4 hits from 5 at bats, and he's in my team. Maybe this is the year things start to get back to norm.

I wanna write to you like George did to Ruth. I miss you so much,

Yours forever

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