Saturday, May 08, 2010

Up we go! Leeds Forever!

Forget about the lab reports and test next week, forget about the feud Simon Grayson was rumoured to have with Jermaine Beckford. Forget all the slumps we've had since beating Scum, forget about where or who should play in our midfield, or who we should have signed, forget all other sickness, depression and debts that football has given to us. Beat Bristol Rovers and we're up!

I rejected the invitation to go watch 初戀紅豆冰,a film that is at the very top of my this month's movie list. Curse Leeds, if they had beaten Charlton last week I could have gone. But typical Leeds. Missed golden opportunities, fucked it up, lose the game.

Like the hour before we beat Scum, I was playing aircraft shooting game, so I did the same hoping for good omens. And tune in to only miss the first 30 seconds of the game. Then the streaming wasn't good and I finally sorted it out with another stream from Sopcast.

Then Gradel got sent off. Becks and Doyle, as seen above,was virtually fighting him. I guess he knew he was stupid and hoped that the ref could be more just by sending the other Bristol lad off. Beckford and Doyle pulled him away, and St Jermaine was saying what looked to me, "come on, get off now, we'll win it for you". Max calmed down and went off. Leeds started playing better football, without Gradel throwing the ball that often. but the penetrations always ended because there were no focal point on our play. no one took charge. everyone just rolled it on to another.

Half time came. and I went off to fetch my dinner of 3 loafs of bread and a can of heineken. And when I came out of the bathroom, I was thinking Bristol scoring. Then the 2nd half begins.

Soft challenges from Hughes and Collins meant Duffy scored for Bristol, and I was glad I was spot on and that it happened early. We've still got time. 10 men v 11 men wasnt going to be a problem, afterall we beat them 4-0 back in Memorial Stadium. And then the inspired sub Jonny Howson came on. He's my favourite player. Probably not being at the top of his form recently, been on the bench. I dont think he's the new Lee Bowyer, but we all know this boy can play. And if I were the manager, he would have started this game.

Seems like the rests had done him good. Came on and bossed the right flank for us. Then becchio layed him off, and what a goal that was. Screamer! "Ya Beauty" was what i posted in OMJ. THAT WAS important. I realised we'd do it right there. Then moments later we hit the post, Bromby it was i think. then their goalie threw straight to johnson, he tried to score, but the ball bounced back, and as luck has it, in front of St Jermaine. 2-1. We're going up. Even Grayson was jumping!

Then they crossed the ball acrossed our goal a couple of times. their nippy striker kuffour was a constant threat from throughballs to him, higgs saved them all well. And Collins hit the post. then I saw Sanchez Watt warming up, was he gonna take becchio or beckford off? I hope its beckford, and he did took beckford off. I stood up and applauded him, just like the 38000 did in elland road, sensing its the last time we'd see him playing for us. FOr all we slated him, he scored the winner today. And as some pointed out, Howson was massive. showed maturity by holding up the ball at the corner. Thats a real gem we have there.

Then pitch invasion started. and the party began.

More pictures and The highlights

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