Saturday, March 13, 2010

Back To Basics

I had the luck to watch a documentary on Soviet Russian's Moon Robot. Before this, my personal view of robot is more towards the western view, having a certain degree of fear to robots.

And then I also watched the stories of Imperial Japanese Navy's ground breaking I400 carrier subs. And how it became the forefather of nuclear-missile-carrying-subs of the cold war and now, that submarines can attack land targets.

The Soviet Moon Robot was called Lunokhod, a top secret mission of the Soviets to control robots and explore the moon from earth. So top secret, that it was only in 1997 that NASA begins to adapt this technology in Mars exploration, and its original designer Alexander Kemurdjian recognized.

So I was led to think, that robotics, is the future, just like the nuclear sub adopted the IJN carrier sub. Then, by chance there was a group of lecturers and boys running for the Robocon Competition. Its only their sophomore year in it and improvement was the main thing. Someone had to start doing these stuffs in the University and I'm glad they did. So to be able to be some part of it was particularly pleasing. As the first two days at the lab confirms our greatest fear, that is we're nothing even with 2 years of degree study under our belts.

Its a sad fact that most students couldn't see that they are worthless with that paper, especially when a whole bunch of his mates could. just like a banana who stays green after everyother turned yellow. After two days, i'd say i'm less creative and the few around me really have a future in this.

I even went to the very basics of robots, that what is the definition of robots. Perhaps that is why people says I'm weird, because I look at things differently. and when sometimes its true, they couldn't take it. The idea of will smith's movie called I Robot was great, that was what robot should mean. Robots should be machines that evolve in their thinking, because they conveys "a sense that has its own intent or agency." WHat we were building were, according to this definition, just a machine which runs a series of programmed codes.

From what I see, we're participating this thing in a very casual way, and should not expect anything at the end of it other than memories and knowledge. But its already clear that a few arent gonna give in.

The other day an issue of car washing was raised, that whether soap or detergent or whatever its called, should be used. Two right twats say they arent good because they eat up your car, they are acidic. I'm not lying when I say its the first time i see someone who washes their car with only water and cloth. Two years ago i refused to participate in the washing of a friend's car when they say no soap was needed. What the fuck i say, even the car washer uses soap. One of them never got over it and its been cold war till now. And I've planned a vacation together in two weeks' time!

It takes me back to the question of what am I doing here? If I couldn't understand them or they couldn't understand me, why did I come here?

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