Friday, February 05, 2010

Andrei Arshavin

Well I've heard Arsenal fans been very unsure of Andrei Arshavin. WEll here's the stats -
in 22 starts,
7 goals, 14 wins, 4 draws and losses each.

He's got a goal ratio of 0.16, that is better than Lampard (0.13), Modric (0.05), Gerrard (0.1), Tevez (0.14), and even Fabregas (0.09)!!!!
He's got a shots on target ratio of 0.7, better than Lampard (0.57), Giggs(0.56), Modric (0.55), Gerrard (0.53), Tevez (0.57) and even Fabregas (0.62)!!!

Those are the two most important stats, if you ask me, for an attacking midfielder. He tops the shots on target list, and came second behind giggs in the goal ratio list, among all top 6 clubs' stalwart attacking midfielders. And when you consider he's not even taking the freekicks and penalties, that for me is impressive.

The fault of why Arsenal was so disappointed, especially last weekend's defeat, does not lie on Arshavin. Perhaps the likes of Nasri or Eduardo or even Rosicky could ask that bit more of themselves for the club...