Sunday, August 23, 2009

9 x 9 = 81

Its been 2 and a half years here, and this the 81st post.

I resisted myself from typing mandarin this time. Just woken up, never planned to write somehting here this early. But i thought of him and wnated to pay him some tributes here.

I was 14 at the time. It was the day the school band perform. I, never an music enthusiast, never thought of going. But it was saturday. I've been stalking the girl sitting in front of me ever since the start of the year. She grew up and had 2 boyfriends, but little did everyone else knew, this most beautiful of our form was mine in the first place.

She was selling some of the allocations, she had to i mean, it works that way back in the skool. i bought her one remaining ticket, apparently she was only going with her sister.

So off i went, feeding my grandpa before i went. whole eveining, i waited at the main door, but i didnt know she was at the door of the hall already, i still rememeber that was the first time i wore my England jersey, its not AAA mind you! just to tell you how serious i was to that. she wore a simple black shirt and a piece of jeans. Finally dunno what took me up the stairs and saw her. she came out after one song. and we went in together with his sister for the other. we didint have handphone just yer you know.. funny.

but yah, we went in, her sister sat between us, i didnt watch or listen to the performance until a classmate of us was performing. theen i went back, and when i reached my house, i was asked to be on my knees and kneel back inside and pray, i was so excited those days, i didnt know the sorrow.

A year ago i started a tuition outside the skool, it ends 2 hours before the skool starts in at 1.45 and my grandpa used to drive me there, drive me back and i'll take the bus to skool. He would just enter the teacher's house compound, sit at the big swing with his back facing the house, hands crossed at the chest, and sitting straight. The first time he did that the teacher ws surprised and asked who's grandpa was that, i never thought of him would do that and after that time, the teacher never said anything agian.

He used to lie to me that he was born in Kedah, officially yes, but that paper was bought. he cameover at 16, worked in the rubber factory until he's what, 68? He used to have a few cans of guinness or some lagers in the fridge, how nice it would have been to him and to me if we had been able to drink together. When i was younger, i was always the naughty boy. nothing was right, i wanted a part in everytrhing, adults probably hated me, but then he never muttered a word. his angpow was the biggest every year, 200. granny gave 100, uncles and aunties got to 60++. but his was the biggest.

I;m the eldest son's eldest son and also the eldest grandson. That made me the third one when lining up. Only me, my papa and my uncle wore armbands. He had his views, he let us knew but never stop us from doing it. my grandpa.

For the next few days the band came and sing for him, we had to follow the procedures, i took the breaks to call my girl, it nver worked out in the end because she said she thinks she lvoed someone else, maybe it was because he wanted me to finnally make the move, but i didnt think it was so i gave up. end of it.

he died that night, my grandpa. the orchestra night. Just missed him, just missed the times he spoilt me, he sheltered us all, I was proud to have watched two world cups and a euro with him, but i regret being able to do more. Nowadays, he lives in another world, two stones have been made to see him, one is in Yong He, Taipei and another is just round in berapit.

I just wished I havent let him down with my life so far, although i'd like to think i have.. Its just like the 9 above, it means a long time in another word but same pronunciation. I'll never forget you, I love you, Grandpa.

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few seconds ago, before i clicked on your blog link, i was thinking of my grandpa who loved Guinness so much that he drank at least 2 bottles each day.

he used to love me so much, but I was too young to understand all that... and before I realized that he was already gone.

wished i could be like you...watching worldcup and drinking Guinness with him..:)