Thursday, July 16, 2009

Money? What money?

What is it with football? When I started it, the British transfer record was 15 million pounds, for a national team striker whose ratio was almost a goal in two games, even though he was playing for teams like Southampton and Blackburn Rovers.

It was 1998 and I was talking about the Geordie legend, Alan Shearer.

200+ goals and a club all time scoring record, that was how the ex-England striker repaid the 15 million pounds.

Fast forward to 2009, 90 million Euros for Cristiano Ronaldo, and another 60 for Kaka. Then there’s Benzema and Albiol. That amount of money, can keep the 24 football league clubs in League 2 and League 1 functioning for the whole season.

And then the latest news is about John Terry and Emmanuel Adebayor getting their wages doubled by Man City. Their rivals, Man Utd however, having been on the receiving end of a world record transfer, complained that all this is ruining our beautiful game!

I’d like to make a point here, that Sir Alex was simply jealous. He felt guilty when he bought Argentine Veron for around 25 million pounds, and then selling him to Chelsea for less than 13 million! Spending 18 Million pounds on Michael Carrick and 23 million pounds on an unknown quality of Nani, these aren’t good for the game. Not to mention the many prospective youngsters he lured from smaller clubs.

The point is, whoever has the money to spend can spend it. That means more capital coming into the football world, for young talents, for better facilities, for the development of smaller clubs and also the game. So Sir Alex, don’t be jealous. There was a time when Man City were buying players from the lower divisions.

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