Saturday, May 09, 2009

I'd like to think that I'm being tagged for this. Because I've just come back from town and was checking mail, nuffnang community listed this in their mail to me. And i've just had it 5 hours ago, so i've decided to take part.

I had the Fillet O'Fish. Honestly, I would hve had the Double Cheeseburger if I hadn't had that bad experience last time. The previous two times I had this mcvalue lunch, i had mixed feelings.

I ordered Double cheeseburger for the first time, and they screwed it up totally, it was so salty that it would have been better to drink sea water! I suppose a lot of customers and little staffs make a good excuse.

The second time, having the experience of the first time, I dared not order my favourite Double Cheeseburger, so I settled for Fillet O Fish. THis time though, they ran out of gas and could only serve what was left there. I took the Quarter Pounder with normal price. They said that the gas were on their way, but it'll take another 30 minutes for the burgers to be cooked.

This afternoon though, was rather spontaneous. We had only planned to come out in the morning, and the bus was late for half an hour. Finally, we got to the counters at McDonald's. As usual, long queues. I went for a seat while my friend ordered my fillet o fish. This time its fine. Perfectly. Just that I'd realise the Cheese that was supposed to be between the fillet and the lower bun, is between the salad and the fillet, right below the upper bun. But no complains about the quality though, and the price is really great. Thanks for that McDonald's Malaysia.

I've had a few more times at other places, but this mcD is the McD that I visit most in a year. So good luck to me on the food in the future and on the contests.

Signing out,
Chee Theng Lee

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Cheah Chee said...

choose mcd chicken next time. no problem with the burger and it is nice =)