Monday, April 06, 2009

Keepin in touch

Last weekend I came back. Had one of those better times on the flight, cos I could sleep! And while at the LCCT, I trotted through a large portion of my book and managed to finish it even before the plane took off from KL!

Its always funny, I mean life. She was perfectly fine when we visited her during new year. Then through phones you’d hear how terrible she’d become, and finally she returns to heaven. She’s my grandma’s elder sister. Ipoh will never be the same again without yee poh.

It was a bit like when my the other grandma died, I came back from Miri. Although this time, I’d come back even if she hadn’t pass away. I’m happy to comeback, but I’m supposed to comeback to grief!

Well at least its good news that everyone that could come back attended her funeral. Only the grand daughter who was in England, and her other son who was in a mental hospital. Her son didn’t even know, some might think its unfair for the 50-years-old lad, I was too at the beginning but I began to see the sense, no point having him and wreck up everything. We haven’t got all day!

It wasn’t like I’ve always loved her, no I don’t. I didn’t like to go her place when I was little, because the longer we spend there the later we’d go back to my grandma’s place. I didn’t know them, apart from my lovely cousins who also happened to be the neighbour of my grandma in Johore.

As bad as I was, I couldn’t leave my mom for one second! And I remember it was my cute Nee Nee jie jie who talked me through and waited with me for my mom at the stairs. And of course, I used to go to their house and touch my Ah Soon goh goh’s guitar.

I went to Taiwan, met her, and started to appreciate things more, and I thoroughly enjoyed my last two years whenever I’m there. Apart from having good bevvys, it was the joy of seeing them all, knowing if she’s gone, I would hardly see her again. Now, I’m not even sure if I’d see my Nee Nee jiejie them again!

I once heard so much stories from my grandma, that I’d decided to quote her and publish a book! But then I went to work and couldn’t do much. I still keep this wish, hopefully I’d have started it when I come back from KK.

To all my cousins from her side out there, I wont forget you all, and someday, if I could have published the book, I want you all to have a hand signed copy from me!

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