Saturday, March 28, 2009

Nothing. Its just another dull day, full of disappointment as usual.

Its just funny, how things are going for me. I'm very unhappy about it, yet i could do nothing. Why is it like this? I dont know what i have done wrong.

Its so different how they knew me. I missed you all my boys..

I had a go at this theory, that we were close together because we are all from honest working class people. These chaps arent. THey grew up as upper middle class people. The perspective of humanity, friendship, is all too different. As one once said of those casual brands, poor boys wear them better than rich boys. Its the spirit that lies within everyone of us, how you see this little group of friends.

Me from the working class, i have simple a brain, friends are brothers. In a brotherhood we do not choose between us, we go everywhere together, we do everything together. From there, the u know me, i know you cycle ignites.

From what i saw, Rich boys don't. THey see friends as somethign that fills that particular period of time in their life, they'll find new ones once the surroundings change. No love lost.

Maybe its because of the sports we play. Rich boys have the luxury to spend and do non contact sports because its safer. We the normal kids, saved our meals and buy a decent ball, and the school provides the playground. We learn our games there, the street rules there, the languages, the humanity and that when things mattered who were your friends. Non contact sports will never be able to see this.

its a sad case but i guess i'll have to live on with it. Afterall, I trust Him.

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yunn said...

有时候,极度的失望换来的不会是心灰意冷,而是更昂首阔步,因为,你懂,人性的真实面,往往是在你最黑暗的时刻才看得清楚。。了解了,懂得了,何尝不是件更好的事 =)加油吧!!