Friday, March 06, 2009


Dwight Howard. I went to youtube and watched his dunks all over again. And i felt the hype so much, that I went straight into my NBA Live and lined up Magic v Heats in amateur mode. I locked my controls on Howard, and he scored 66 before fouling out. then I put Steve Francis on the PF position, he scored 25. Why I chose to watch Dwight Howard? Because he wears Adidas!! haha! When the game finished, I was like forgotten everything else in the world, just concentrate on doing dunks after dunks. Took a deep breath, look around the room, its 11.46pm..

Speaking about the NBA, I'm a Knicks fan. THe black Jesus Earl Monroe, John Starks, Allan Houston and Patrick Ewing are my favourite players. Its a bit late, but i still hope knicks can get a playoff spot.

Downloaded UEFA Euro 2008 demo, played with Germany, drew 1-1 v France. Played with France, drew 1-1 with Germany. I'm surprised how well the pictures are on my notebooks, and shame the pirated one i got last year didn;t work out.

Just finished downloading one of Kousuke Atari's album 絆歌.. Lets be honest. He's so handsome!! More info please visit here..Please go, the description of Kousuke by the author is brilliant - (a great site with a great title from a great place)

There you go. My whole day of hangovers..Gotto really ditch this habit...

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