Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Everything is average nowadays

I should be doin my assignment this time but i just couldn't. I would have been playing my Pro Evolution Soccer again if I hadnt been writing here.

Its so good to msn with mama again, even though she only called last weekend and I'm goin back in 3 days' time. To realise that they're there right behind us, and to hear some news back there is brilliant.. Makes you forget the all malicious..

Ystrday was a day that merits a mark. We had seven, the MAXIMUM was 5 for a group, so the 5 wankers set up a deal behind the family and declared themselves allies, leaving back two damned united.

The problem with the deal wasnt why we were the two left overs. The problem was why did they brokered a deal behind our back? I perfectly understand that we're gonna hav 2/3 left overs, but we should have been involved in the discussion.

It makes you even more angry because you've been asking and they said they dunno, and out of no where, popped up and said they've decided it a long time ago. See, the problem is that we didn't know, we think they didn't tell us, they think we should hv known and are making unnecessary troubles. We'd think they walked out on us, they'd think we walked out of them!

I'm gettin fuckin bored with these kind of arrangements and treatment. To be honest, I've hardly treat you folks badly hav I?..

I was the one left waiting at the restaurant while you cunts take a detour to the library without telling me! I was the one left behind because I went to the toilet, you wankers didnt do the same for all the others! Get a life you fuking twat, I dont call friends their surnames. And stop using walao because it aint your language. Its my language and you lot are a disgrace to use it.

I use foul languages? Sorry matey, I'm pretty sure Churchill did the same too. Everyone does, the honesty and hardship of a working class life. They wouldn't hav invented it if majority of people wont use it! You lot are obviously so comfortable in your upper middle class that you cant take a rude word nicely.

I've been realising it since last year. Whats the point even if you see it, cos nothing much u could do. Throw in the towels? .. Thats why i didn't give a fuck of forwarding any msgs across the south china sea until some good blokes had me on their christmas sms list. I feel like I;m a man with no dignity, always the last to know, always fucked, that I hav to lose the truth of myself being the one who loves culture more than science, the one who loves everything, the good and bad of the world and the one who comes from an honest working class family.

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