Thursday, February 12, 2009

The good times

I never really write anything during a certain period of time. Its always been the time between the end of something and the beginning of another.

WHat a year its been for me. I've enjoyed every bit of my time as a cashier and RA in PJP. I wasn't really amused when I was always being called upon to the "front line". But then when i realised that I was on a bigger wage bill, everything started to go smoothly. Its like you'd appreciate every moment, everything you do, better. And having a banter between one another has been normal. From not believing Ms Pang pregnant until now that she looked like she's carrying a volleyball in her shirt, its been 2 and a half months. Now I wont tell you how i pass my time, because quite simply i didn't know as well! I am still lyk in the time before chinese new year!! Sabina is the best supervisor you could ever asked for (even without the McDonald's!!!!!!). Good luck everyone there.

2ndly, I'd thought I wouldn't be seeing her again, until everything fitted in so well, with a stamp of Made in Heaven. Why did i say so? because it was arranged hastily, out of nowhere I asked my friend (her uncle) about a possible meeting, because the least i had to do was to makesure she'd have her bday present from me before her birthday. And it so happens that the Sunday was the only day everyone was free. What are the odds of raining on a particular morning, when it hasnt been raining for about a week?? what are the odds she'd go out with his uncle and 2 other men (although she's done it 3 or 4 times before)? What are the odds that no one's shoes is missing or broken or any other kind of stupid things to NOT happen? They all stuck, and after three hours of virtually numbness, I gave her the presents, she duly accept, like she'd been accepting presents everyday of her life, with a thank you. an hour later she texted again for thanking me, and she'd never open that until her bday has arrived. NOthing spectacular, but thats her, the eldest of four. Then only i realised, i was so fucked up with what present i should give that i forgot birthday cards, or even a nice wrapper. She said "it was good enough, forgot bday card? next year then." I make u a promise my dear, expect presents from me for every birthday until you're no longer available, if the lucky bastard isn't me.

What is she? who is she? I like her. This girl. Perhaps she know. Once talked of this issue in a forum, the lads there said one thing, I'd always remember that - "when the time comes, you would both know it". Clearly it still isn't. Or will there ever be? She's lovely, no matter how you see her. Typical aquarius, can be quiet, independent, a good woman who uses her brain.

Then today has been another day, which is why i found the mood to write. Nazriza spoke to me, the cutest cashier in Jusco. believe me. a lot of them are slightly porky fat, but this one is brilliant. small she maybe, but ever so cute. She asked that "I slalu beli roti eh?" i said takkan always makan nasi, bosan jugak ma.. then the maybes come circulating again.. haha. If only she's not a muslim.. haha..

Still hasn't settled on any shoe though. My gumsole should be in queensbay and a trainer? no pumas.. Adidas again, maybe. I just don't know.

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