Saturday, August 16, 2008






Monday, August 11, 2008

Its not about the shoes.

This is my shoe. It tells a lot of my most memorable moments in those simpler days.

This was the shoe that I was on when she first talked to me. This was the shoe i ran on during the family day in Mengkuang in form4, looming around her. This was the shoe I was on when I first texted her when she was in Australia.

This was also the shoe that slams the pedals and got me both my licences. This was the shoe I wear whenever I go - Thailand, KL, Johor, University of Nottingham Campus, Ipoh..etc
This was the shoe I was wearing to a few Bon Ondoris when it was really a Japanese celebration. This was the shoe that scored a spotkick in an interclass futsal match.

Its about what you do in it. Its about be - where you were born to be.