Sunday, November 11, 2007

Tough? He's lovin it!

The toughest job on earth? Football manager.

As Alex McLeish prepares his 25 men for the Judgement Game, Scottish Football Association chief Gordon Smith has declared the body's wish to extend the former Rangers boss' contract.

The question is, will Smith still say the same thing even if Scotland failed to qualify for Euro 2008?

Research says a football manager's life is shorter. Recent vacancies down the Border have all been strongly denied by McLeish. But why?

He loves Scotland. He'd die for Scotland. He doesn't see it tough. He knows his boys could get Scotland there.

I cheered the Tartan army since the end of the last World Cup qualifying campaign. What we've been through? Two wins v France, Victories at Hampden against Georgia, Ukraine, Lithuania, and Faroe Islands. The two autographed cards by Big Eck McLeish are the pride of my wee football collections.

As a supporter, for McLeish, for faith and hope, for unbiased judgement.

Come on Scotland!!

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