Sunday, November 04, 2007

Something I don't trust anymore. God bless 'em.

1 year. 365 days. shite...didn't bother to do that hours and minutes and seconds.. Thats how long it is. When i lived through the previous three days with nerve, until finally, I told her I was fuckin madly in love with her. And she fuckin madly agreed. Thus the fuckin mad 6 weeks journey began.

I remembered on my visit to bruddha Ian's after all those mad things, after christmas that year. Bruddha Ian said, at least I've lived my dream, the form4 dream. He knew me. He knew me best. The dream. Form 4. I never forgot every little nudge in MSN on those wee hours. The Raymond Murphy Cambridge Englsih book in front of me. My seriousness was coupled with her playfullness.

then she came back, unscathed, i thought. Then the rest, as they say, is history. Folks asked me why. I never bothered that time. On lonely nights i still think back bout that too.. Why. Just fuckin "why?" Those days, she'd name me on her MSN too! and I remember clearly how I waited for her to text "goodnite". I went like "I knew she'd do it" or like Rafe McCawley on train, saying "She loves me" in Pearl Harbor. Even in australia, she'd text me. Must be fuckin expensive. I remember her first from Australia. I was in the Perda police headquarters. Dreadful morning. And i remembered one of hers from the streets of night melbourne.

nothin more than spitting out, really. As she keeps sign in and out, i'd silently, fixed a day to ask her. In the mean time, life goes on for her, for me and for everyone.

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yunn said...

嗯,说得哲学一点,生命中是有很多人有所谓的sign in sign out~

我的意思是,结果是,你在意的,是哪个人sign in sign out~是人,不是事情...