Monday, November 12, 2007


Uncle came to Miri this morning. Met him and his lovely friend in the evening. Heard plenty of stories. Hwong Seng's just lost his dad. Shame my dad lost his earlier than that bloke!

Just lost the fire to keep studying. Reasons? well i've always liked to think ahead. The furthest is after exam, i go home, those going-to-be-sweet times. There's so many things said that i felt like the exam next week is not important at all!!! And more recently, i keep thinking of the Scotland v Italy game this weekend.

Called daddy after i left uncle. He asked bout the game, i told him Scotland has done us good in many many occasions. Its the last hurdle. We've got to show loyalty.

Haven't been in night town for quite a while.. Seeing the neons showering down on the roads, tables and tables of people in coffee shops.. aye.. Relaxed.. At least I had an hour of it..

I’m not a decent man. But I know well enough to stay loyal to something that has done good to us, something we believe.

Scroll around the web, thought i was missing something. Surprisingly, it was Alan Smith. That blond Yorkshireman. Saw the SEXY wallpaper of his I used to have.. One interesting story to share is, Smith is the first player that has attracted women around me to watch football, other than David Beckham. Remembered how I used him to score goals in FIFA 2004, the very particular season we got relegated…

Discussed about the Smith’s betrayal” to leeds with a female friend, she was, at the expense of anyone;s expectations, were quite interested with the Rothwell born!

Oh well what can I say.. The last time I faced the final exam, I was in a similar mood. Wrote something similar.. Just want a good two weeks.. AND a good Saturday afternoon for Scotland too!!

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yunn said...

hey~gd luck in ur exam..
n still muz study n home sweet home le~hehe~

jia you jia you!!