Sunday, November 25, 2007

Come and go

4 months! 4 bloody months! I've been remembering the last time i see a few mates here. Like Alan, it was his car. Johnny, his gates. Kenny, my hostel. Same with Bond. Jonathan, outside his hostel. sharon, bintang. eric, the junction to his place. allan, harmony. and a few others.

Just thought i'd say this, the last time i saw HER, was skool canteen. Last paper, after lunch. the lunch date didnt turn out to be succesful but we met anyway. and she walked back to her exam class. Jesus.. I never thought tat would be the last fuckin time i see her..And how bloody fast time passes, Real Madrid were Champions, Garnett joined the Celtics, McLeish took over from Walter Smith,....its almost a year.

Have i changed? i don't know. some says so. Hopefully its for the better.

i last saw my mom in JB airport when i came. And i'll be seeing her in Penang airport in around 40 hours. bloody four months.

God Bless us. Everyone.

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