Monday, October 08, 2007

Swing Low, Sweet Chariot

Swing Low, Sweet Chariot, coming for to carry me home...Haha… the title..Its part of a song, England Rugby team song, I learned it in England’s 12-10 win over Australia on Saturday. And have been singing it every hour! Very happy not just because the winning team is England, but because the losing team is Australia. I have nothing against the Wallabies, but I just don’t want someone in Australia celebrating this victory. If your guess was LW, then sorry. The right answer is Peanut’s sister. I didn’t like that lass even when the time was sweet. And for England as underdogs to beat them like that, with Johnny Wilkinson scoring all 12, its even sweeter. Bout this girl, I mean, look at LW and her, ppl go Australia you go Australia, why difference so big le?.. Look at LW again, one thing I appreciated most from her is she takes me as a friend, still chat with me, share story with me, you know, great. I wonder what you ppl think bout her, I mean I’ve always been worshipping her,and make you guys feel it too, but never really hear what u guts think bout the comments please..;)

I’m a lucky man. To be able to have so many good blokes I could call friends, whom I believe in and they believe in me. Sometimes you don’t have to say that something out to let people know, but sometimes you have to say it out loud. You don’t say it doesn’t mean you dunno nor you forgot. There are things which are too difficult to keep back inside the heart if opened. Just like bill gates never count how much money he has everyday!

Today I chat with peanut again, trying to find our when the MUET exam is that some of my mates are taking. It was very strange. I’d just finished downloading a whole Joey Yong album and was in a playful-Sunday-afternoon mood. But after a few words I kinda like feel the fire is burning hot on her side, no smileys or hahas or hehes, so I shut the f*** up. It semms like every time there’s little bit contact with her I’d make an essay out of it… Sorry bout that… I dunno why I am doin this oso. Just, err,…see, I don’t know what to say.. Sometimes I feel like there’s “unresolved matters” between me and her..just..oh well…Dunno how many times I will thank you all, but the thing is what you chaps said or done last Christmas, I’ll never forget them until I enter the grave.

Its funny how we think. You all sure remember how I moaned about studying here, the days are long, wanna go back…you know…here we are in October already, it’s the second half of the journey now. I’ve been here more than 2 months, and in about one and a half month’s time, I’ll be going back! ^o^ The first agenda on my holiday to-do list would be a fantastic saturday, where Leeds Rhinos are playing in Old trafford for the Rugby league Final, Euro 2008 Scotland away at georgia and England in the Rugby World Cup Semis against France...hehe..

Thanks again, those of you who came back and wanted to read my writings. Thanks. I almost cried when a friend asked why I didn’t update my blog.

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yunn said...

well~frequently visit here but nth last i saw updating...lolZ~!!

anywayz...bout LW...she is a wonderful girl with good personality...hehe~really~^^

one n a half month...hmm...keep ur hairstyle like last time u shown me in's nice~ luck in everything lar..

**p/s: maybe u should appreciate her so dat u can make such a long essay in here each time...haha...(hmm....jz kidding~~don't take it serious)

Cary said...

Keep up the good work.