Friday, July 20, 2007


Have to go back to miri again lor...aihx..sien...its ben about 5 weeks..I've forgotten everything there..its so weird..I always think that the past three months is lyk a dream. Forgotten how i lived through those days..aihx..

tis time go i'll be stayin with a bloke from my hometown oso. I keep thinking, whether i'd made the right choice to move. He's a nice bloke, but the brunei chap i was staying with was as good as him too..Izzit a kind of betrayal?..its a small matter though..hopefully that Willie wont mind..

I read a Bob Holmes article on thesun paper, he says he hoped David Beckham would fail his mission unnecessary in LA. In short, he says that its juz a different kind of sport, not american. If americans start to love football, they'll want 4 quarters in a game, personal fouls and team fouls, everything. One sentence i like is Football, the beautiful game, has done so well to conquer the rest of the earth. cool eh?

Dont know whether you folks watched the nike ad Brazil v Portugal Ole or not. I always liked that song, Papa Loves Mambo by Perry Como. It kinda hav a magic. Everytime u listen to it, if u listen closely, u'll feel like the tune forces your mouth to open and smile,and eventually laugh!..And It proved to be able to work once again when it cheered a supposedly no-mood vivian er up!!!Magno aint it??hahax..

Juz a moment or two ago, kacang lembu msn me le, ask me how's life..i was shut off for two

For Perry Como, The Beautiful Game and the future of Leeds United

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yunn said...

hey..went bac dere nice or nt??
dat means u r moving hostel ar??
or wat??'s boring here.....

c guevara said...

too bad ... its the hardest thing to do to leave your comfy home...

but tahan a lil bit! just for another few months..:P