Sunday, June 17, 2007

aihz,,god blless me lar..

Aihz…very boring…tomorrow is the start of my last week for my first semester in university (although I study PreU only lar…haha)…dunno lar..want to rest lar macam..bosan la..

I still remember the first time I was going back home, that is two weeks ago in the tuition free week. Two weeks before that, when my mom told me that I will be going back I was already very excited, not like now : dull, want to die lyk tat….I started countdowning last time as soon as I knew, by right I should be even more excited tis time, but dunno y tis time no le…

AIhz…sien…no target, no meaning to live like tat…why ah????yesterday my left eye skin got jump, I ask mama, mama ask aunty, she says tat its good if it jumps up..I think it jump up, really…It realy really jump up…hopefully it leads to good thing lo…when mama say aunty said tat ah, I thought of many good things le..Leeds back in the championship la, exam good result la, Inductive reasoning says that i’m tamak…hahahaha

I think I tamak oso la.. like in my game ah, if I see a player’s nationality is Irish ah, I tend to give more attention one..Like Robbie keane la, he always start one, even though he doesn’t score often and I have kewell, mido, berbatov, Robbie fowler, craig lindfield defoe, Higuain, Barnes and Drogba to choose from..See my long list of strikers???cos I tamak lo..see them available on free transfers I terus buy…my midfield,central ones oso gila edy – Gago, Gourcuff, Jenas, Zokora, jamie O’Hara, Huddlestone, Malbranque,giles barnes, I can only choose two..aihz..

Dunno laar….tomolo exam le..wish me luck lar..^o^

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卡阴王子 said...


Aza Aza Fighting!

Francis Foo said... write in mandarin? Maybe you've been influenced by those pro-China people there...haha
Good luck and handle well the boredom(biasalah).

Rodrigo said...

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