Thursday, May 31, 2007

Peace revoir Miri !!

Critical essay finished and passed up
Chemistry project finished and passed up
IT project finished and passed up
IT viva Interview passed
I'm going home......
Peace again

After exactly 3 months, I'm going to see some (hopefully) pretty airasia air stewardess again. I might smile and kiss their hand this time because i'm really happy, relaxed. I feel good. Never better. Going back, see family, see friends, and also eat mee kuah, nasi kandar, refillable McDonalds, my Honda EX5....oh yeah..

Looking back, I never regretted that I had to cross the South China Sea, its certainly has been an experience, and I think i made the right choice at the very beginning NOT TO GO BACK TO JIT SIN...cos its "corrupted", or i should say not as good as ppl think it is..It was marvellous, no doubt, but not now....

I've been countdown-ing since monday, that i have 96,72,48,and now 24 hours to go...I think this feeling should have come on the 23rd of june when i finsh final exam and go home, but for some classic excuse i got a chance to go home duringthis tuition-free week..

Aishah is getting more and more pretty, maybe i should phone her and sembang and then maybe i should talk to her more,sometimes, in skool, so that whenever she has anything tat she dunno, she'll come to me (a very good option, cos i wont mind to do the whole thing for her ..^o^..), instead of asking some nazi thugs like edwin and kenneth to teach her..Aishah, dun be shy, i will give 200% if u ask me..other ppl i give 100% only, i myself i give 199% ;)

Today oso very funny actually..Because my article got one point a girl want to use, she used my evidence but not in the rightway..her name is pauline...I eexplained to her a few times..den i found out she likes to say "oh, 这样ha?" everyone starts to get 'pauline-d", immitate her lo..

Curtin now looks like wat it is to me when i first came, its so strange and yet so familiar..

Tomorrow, I will see my laptop for the first time, so excited..And tomorrow there will be a meeting deciding which way Leeds United goes, the derby county way or the accrington stanley way(46years in administration,46years out of the league for one of the Football League founders in the 19th century). Maybe tomorrow i should ask whether Aishah is free, maybe she really miss me and wants to see me and maybe she will cry when she see me leave airport le???hahaha....but i wont stay for her la..not tis time...

Last saturday i bought a book, Jack Higgins' Bormann Testament, half way through it, really cool novel. even in this busy week oso i had managed to sacrifise sleep to read it...He's realy one of the best authors lar...

6.55pm, bus on 7, gtg, today au revoir Curtin, tomorrow au revoir Miri!!!!!!


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yunn said...

hehe...seems like aishah is getting more and more important in your life ler~

anywayz...welcome back!!^^
hope to c u soon~