Monday, May 14, 2007

A new beginning

Its been long since I found time to write about life. Tomorrow is going to be a new beginning for many many of my friends who chooses Form 6. Although my semester one is just a month away from finish, somehow i have a feeling like its a beginning..A beginning of something but i just couldnt tell..

Its been two weeks now since my grandma,mom and sis came to miri for 3 days. Actually I have a weird feeling, that everytime my mama or grandma tells me something which requires me to remember,lyk wat u should and shouldn't do when cooking and washing clothes, I tend to think that i've grown up a stage, from mama's son to grandma's son, lyk my grandma's gonna die, my moma's filling up her place and so on..I din like these know..

Just chat wif Iverson Lim, who's doin diploma in Inti Penang. Lemme tell you a lil bit of story here..Ye all know that my old "She" (that doesnt mean i have a new one!!!) studies there too, and I had once seriously thought about studying there, regardless of what course I take, really!! You all might think I must have lost my mind that time, but it was true, since i didnt know what to study and Pn Agnes' test suggested that I could be useless in every field or talented in every field. So it wasnt mad after all......Then what happened after Christmas is history lor..Sometimes i felt lucky that i didnt go there. the first reason is obvious lor, then second one is like Inti Pen has turned into Jit Sin University...I hate to be part of that one....Here's my confess - Inti Penang's HSC is, from my simple point of view, lousy. Because even the angmohs in Australia have to do 2 years, year 11 and year 12. We Malaysians only one year, its like tou gong jian liao lar....

Tis month got many things to do...A critical essay, Chemistry Project, Physics test, IT Project, oh my god...But a good news came after this frantic month is that I'M GOING HOME ON THE FIRST OF JUNE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for the gawai break holiday ;)

Signing off here/......(how long still to go to reach mars??????)

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yunn said...

"something but i just couldnt tell"

well..den wish u gd luck in this lar...n next next week will b home sweet home le...hehe~^^

Yee Piao said...

INTIPEN, thought of studying TAFE there before continuing ACCA here... A new beginnning is always good lo but feel like staying back at Jit Sin better wor... But if change place still Jit Sin environment??!! Don't like it jor... Haha.

You are goin back on the first ar, then what time you are going back to Miri??

Enjoy your campus life always lo~~