Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Today is the 62nd Victory in Europe Day, my friend from SMK Berapit is going back to Penang tomorrow. Just felt that i'm kinda losing something so, i'd share some brief experience here..Along with another dark skinny lad who is his former schoolmate, they are among the best mates I've met here, and the news of him going back to study Diploma in Penang came a great shock to me. The reason he goes back? According to him, homesick.

That term has haunted some of the most succesful man, such as George Best. And although I was surprised at the beginning, I realise that it has been something which has not gone unnoticed, but just wasnt regarded as a big matter. The first time I met him was back at my first day at my hostel. I was asking for the timetable and I went to his house to meet them. He first appeared to me as a very friendly figure.

Maybe because we are in different groups, I had only been managed to exchange some social words with him. Rumours have it that there's a girl who cried today after knowing he's leaving tomorrow, i think u all know why la hor...^o^...But after a few weeks we've had meals together, talked about some football, exchanged visits to each others' room,cheating during tests,...etc etc. You'd find that he's a such a good lad,sometimes a bit of a joker himself.

Even at his last dinner here, he treated us all to a meal at a bistro, which billed up to $99.90. We wanted to give him a treat but he insisted he should treat us for his last meal.

Who knows what will happen in the future, but I sincerely wish him all the best back home from the bottom of my heart...

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