Monday, April 30, 2007

Would it be gay to ask for a hug?

Saturday, 28th of April 2007. Leeds United reach the lowest point in the club's 87 years' history as Alan Lee of Ipswich Town headed in to score an equaliser which sealed Leeds United's slide to the third tier of english football for the first time.

It was also in that game, where long-serving right back Gary Kelly was honoured for his service to the club. Former manager Kevin Blackwell who was in charge when Leeds were rekegated from the Premier League famously said:" At the first training session, there were only me and Gary Kelly."

Kells in action against PSV Eindhoven.

Kells marking out Marc Overmars of FC Barcelona.

Kells shoots against Sunderland in the coca cola championship.


no matter whether its Barcelona or Blackpool, We will be there!! We will be there to sing Marching on Together!! We will cheer you on and on and on and on and on and on!!

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yunn said...

well..nth to comment bout football..since i am not familiar with it at all...lolZ~

jz to answer bout ur title...n the answer is "WON'T"~

Yee Piao said...

Well, I feel sorry for that... I feel very lucky to not have happened to me as a Manchester United fan.
The worst I have encountered I think is the emergence of Roman's army and Mourinho but hopefully things will be great thsi season...

jitsinexpress said...

ermm.. i could still remember the times of glory of Leeds ... With mark viduka and all other great players ....

oh yea , about the links thing... no i didnt mean to ask you to link it to my blog , i meant , i add those links myself. just that need permission from you. moreover i think its better for me to ask them myself :P thanks for the reply!